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What the judge looks for in swine:

A lean hog that has little fat.

Hams (rear legs) that are long, deep and full.

Muscular shoulders and a large, lean loin (back).

Good width between the front legs to allow for ample chest capacity.

What the judge looks for in the show ring:

A good exhibitor is polite and courteous to other exhibitors and pays attention to both the animal and to the judge at all times.

Showmanship includes general appearance, especially cleanliness of the animal and the exhibitor's ability to lead and pose the animal in the ring.

The exhibitor slowly walks and turns the hog to show the judge all sides of the animal to the best advantage, keeping a distance of about 15 feet from the judge.

The exhibitor slowly turns or moves the hog by tapping the side of its shoulders with a lightweight cane or a stick with a short leather flapper at one end. It is natural for hogs to squeal, which they sometimes do as they are guided
through the show ring.

As the judge selects the top hogs in a class, he sends those hogs to small holding pens along the show ring. Hand held hurdles are used to assist exhibitors in moving hogs to pens.
The alert showman will mist his hog with water to keep the animal cool and brush off dirt to keep the animal clean and attractive.


Boar: an intact male, any age, used for breeding

Sow: a female that has had a litter of pigs

Gilt: a female before she has given birth

Barrow: a castrated male

Piglet: a nursing pig

Market: pig weighing 190-240 pounds

Crossbred: two purebreds from different breeds
produce a first generation cross.

Test Your Knowledge ?...

1.How many pigs are born in an average-sized litter?
2.9b. 12 c. 5 d. 15

2.By products of hogs are used for which of the following?
insulin b. skin transplants c. heart valves d. all of these
The swine's digestive system is like that of which of the following? b. horse c. beef cattle d. sheep

3.Modern confinement type swine operation require diets high in?
4.a.coastal bermuda hay b. corn and soybean meal c.alfalfa hay d.sugar

5.A 240 pound hog will yield an average carcass weight of:
6.200 lbsb. 120 lbs c. 168 lbs d. 216 lbs

You give it a try and see how your placings compare to the judges (fill in the exhibitors number):

Your Choice

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th place

Judges Decision

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th place
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