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What the judge looks for in the llama:

All body parts that are symmetrical and proportionate to one another (neck, length of body, length of legs).

Straight legs & top line and a high tail set. Good bone density and minimal to no body fat.

Correct way of traveling. (walking and running).

Clean, soft wool on body. Textures vary from fine to coarse, and from very short to very long in length.

Trusting spirit and gentle disposition.

What the judge looks for in the show ring:

COSTUME CLASS: The exhibitors attire is judged on beauty and/or originality, coordination with the llama's equipment and spectator appeal. The class also examines the llama's ability to endure its costume on its head, back & legs.

OBSTACLE COURSE: The animals are kept on a loose lead through obstacles, which represent those that may be found in woods while hiking or packing. This competition also examines the llama's trust in its handler, while using its own intelligence to evaluate each obstacle.

SHOWMANSHIP CLASS: This class demonstrates the handler's ability to show the animal to its best advantage at halter. Judging is based on the exhibitor's basic skills in fitting, grooming, following directions and style of presenting the animal to the judge. The llama's conformation is not considered. The handler's attire should be neat, clean and appropriate for the class.

PUBLIC RELATIONS CLASS: This class shows the llama's willingness to negotiate obstacle's and handle unexpected situations as the animal participates in visitation between the handler and the general public.


Stud: an intact male, any age

Gelding: a castrated male

Female: a female

Cria: baby llama, male or female

Did you know ?...

Llamas are native to South America and have been domesticated for over 5,000 years.

Llamas are members of the camel family because they are even-toed (two toes), are cud chewers, have more than one stomach (three), have padded feet and are pack animals.

Common uses for llamas are: champion animals, breeding stock, packing, wool production, cart driving, therapy for the elderly and handicapped, and guard animals for sheep & goats.

Mature llama (3-4 yrs) weigh between 250-500 pounds and are about 5-6 feet tall. Their average life span is 15-20 years.

Llamas have single births & their gestation period is about 11 2 months.

Normal crias (baby llamas) average 25-30 pounds at birth.

Llamas can carry a third of their body weight for 10-12 hours a day!

Llamas cannot bite and don't kick. They have very gentle, trusting dispositions.

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