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Please circle the correct answer.

1. Which city is the home of the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum?

a) LaCrosse b) Dodge City c) Abilene d) Wichita

2. What is the name of the site where the only Civil War battle in Kansas was fought?

a) Baxter Springs Battlefield b) Trading Post Kansas Battlefield
c) Marais de Cygnes Battlefield d) Mine Creek Battlefield

3. Which city was struck by tornadoes consecutively in 1916, 1917 and 1918 on May 20?

a) Hesston b) Garden City c) Codell d) Liberal

4. Which Kansas city is the windiest in the U.S.?

a) Dodge City b) Windom c) Strong City d) Ellsworth

5. What is the name of the sinkhole located near Ashland, Kansas that has never been known to be dry?

a) Buffalo Bill's Well b) Elm Springs c) The Big Well d) St. Jacob's Well

6. Which "giant" Kansan became a world champion boxer when he defeated the defending world heavy weight boxer Jack Johnson in 26 rounds?

a) Jess Willard b) Joe Lewis c) Max Schmeling d) Tommy Burns

7. How many oxen did it take to pull the 6,000 lb load of the oversized wagon used on the Santa Fe Trail?

a) 2 b) 12 c) 6 d) 10

8. Which frontier explorer said of the west "these vast plains of the western hemisphere may become in time equally celebrated as the sandy deserts of Africa."?

a) Zebulon Pike b) William Clark c) Meriwether Lewis d) Kit Carson

9. Kansas was the first state to raise what kind of military unit?

a) National Guard b) African-American Infantry Regiment
c) Plains Calvary Unit d) Special Forces Unit

10. Which frontier army scout who guided military units in Kansas was described by Colonel Custer as the “most famous scout on the plains?”

a) James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok b) William F. "Buffaloe Bill" Cody
c) Kit Carson d) William Bent

11. Which Kiowa war chief was known as "The Orator of the Plains?"

a) White Plume b) Santanta c) Geronimo d) Sitting Bull

12. During the years of the Sante Fe Trail, which Kansas river served as the border between the United States and Mexico?

a) Kansas River b) Neosho River c) Arkansas River d) Smoky Hill River

13. What tribe of Native Americans did Spanish Explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado meet in the Quivera Region of Kansas?

a) Pawnee Indians b) Cheyenne Indians c) Kansa Indians d) Wichita Indians

14. Approximately how many Wichita Indians occupied the Quivera Region during the 1500's?

a) 15, 000 to 30, 000 b) 500 to 1,000 c) 5, 000 to 10,000 d) 40,000 to 50,000

15. Approximately how many buffalo hides did it take to make an average sized tipi?

a) 30 to 40 b) 15 to 20 hides c.) 5 to 10 d) 10 to 15

Answer Key

1. a 2. c 3. c 4. a

5. d 6. a 7. b 8. a

9. b 10. a 11. a 12. c

13. d 14. a 15. b

Courtesy of Kansas State Historical Society
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