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Please circle the correct answer.

1. Which city is the oldest in Kansas?

a) Lawrence b) Leavenworth c) Lecompton d) Kansas City

2. Where is the Kansas State Fair held each year?

a) Wichita b) Hutchinson c) Topeka d) Salina

3. Which city is known as the "Oasis on the Plains"?

a) Colby b) Lakin c) Waterville d) Valley Falls

4. Which Kansan was named the National Football League's Rookie of the Year in 1965?

a) John Riggins b) Gale Sayers c) Lynn Dickey a) Barry Sanders

5. Which cartoonist, born in Kansas, is the creator of the famous comic strip "Beetle Bailey"?

a) Charles Schulz b) Bill Amend c) Bill Watterson d) Mort Walker

6. Which famous Dodge City sheriff was a buffalo hunter, gambler, deputy U.S. Marshal, and later a newspaper journalist?

a) William B. "Bat" Masterson b) Wyatt Earp c) Henry Newton d) Doc Holliday

7. Which Kansas born clown known as Weary Willie, toured with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus and is considered one of the greatest of all time?

a) Red Skelton b) Emmett Kelly c) Mark Anthony d) Bobby Kaye

8. Which Kansan, born in Wichita, is know for her role in the NBC television series "Cheers"?

a) Shelly Long b) Rhea Perlman c) Kristie Alley d) Bebe Neuwirth

9. Which famous and influential African-American poet and author spent much of his boyhood growing up in Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas?

a) Langston Hughes b) Countee Cullen c) Jupiter Harmon d) Paul Laurence Dunbar

10. Which county is home to the Tall Grass National Prairie Reserve?

a) Barton County b) Chase County c) Ford County d) Stafford County

11. Where did the Wichita and other Plains Indians store their food to preserve andprotect it?

a) underground b) on platforms c) in caves d) in the trees

12. What major trade route through Kansas, stretched a thousand miles from Missouri to New Mexico?

a) Chisholm Trail b) Santa Fe Trail c) Oregon Trail d) California Trail

13. What two overland trails to the west were primarily used by pioneers seeking gold and inexpensive farmland?

a) California and Oregon Trails b) California and Santa Fe Trails
c) Santa Fe and Oregon Trails d) Chisolm and Santa Fe Trails

14. What were the nicknames given to those that were freight wagon teamsters?

a) bushwhacker and highwaymen b) bullwhackers and muleskinners
c) vaqueros and cowboys d) drover and wrangler

15. What town was the territorial capitol of Kansas in 1856?

a) Wyandotte b) Lecompton c) Topeka d) Lawrence

16. What were the African-American soldiers of the 10 thU.S. Calvary called by the Native Americans?

a) Buffalo Soldiers b) Buffalo Warriors c) Dog Soldiers d) Buffalo Calvary

17. What is the state amphibian of Kansas?

a) barred tiger salamander b) bullfrog c) tree frog d) mudpuppy

18. What is the state march of Kansas?

a) I'm a Jayhawk b) Wildcat Victory c) Kansas March d) Free State March

19. When was the state seal of Kansas adopted?

a) 1861 b) 1862 c) 1859 d) 1860

20. Where could travelers crossing the plains find security and support as well as obtain supplies, mail letters, make repairs and get medical attention?

a) general stores b) post office c) military post d) hospital

21. What was the date Kansas was admitted into the Union?

a) July 4, 1861 b) January 28, 1861 c) June 28, 1861 d) January 29, 1861

22. After Kansas was admitted into the Union, how many stars were on the United States flag?

a) 32 b) 33 c) 34 d) 35

Answer Key

1. b 2. b 3. a 4. b

5. d 6. a 7. a 8. c

9. a 10. b 11. a 12. b

13. a 14. b 15. b 16. a

17. a 18. c 19. a 20. c

21. d 22. c
Courtesy of Kansas State Historical Society
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