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Please circle the correct answer.

1. What is the state flower of Kansas?

a) dandelion b) rose c) sunflower d) prairie flower

2. What is the state tree of Kansas?

a) cottonwood b) oak c) ash d) evergreen

3. What is the state bird of Kansas?

a) pheasant b) quail c) Western meadowlark d) Jayhawk

4. What is the state animal of Kansas?

a) horse b) bison c) coyote d) white tail deer

5. What is the state insect of Kansas?

a) grasshopper b) hornet c) bumble bee d) honeybee

6. What is the state reptile of Kansas?

a) snapping turtle b) ornate box turtle c) painted turtle d) spotted turtle

7. What is the state song of Kansas?

a) Dust in the Wind b) Home on the Range c) Happy Trails d) This Land is Your Land

8. What is Kansas' nickname?

a) Farming State b) Free State c) Sunflower State d) Prairie State

9. Which U.S. president and U.S. Army general grew up in Abilene, Kansas?

a) Harry S. Truman b) Dwight D. Eisenhower c) Ulysses S. Grant d) Andrew Jackson

10. Which Women's Christian Temperance Union member, famous for smashing saloons with a hatchet, began her movement in Medicine Lodge, Kansas?

a) Frances E. Willard b) Susan B. Anthony c) Martha Carey Thomas d) Carry A. Nation

11. Which influential Kansan, who lived in Emporia, was a newspaper journalist and author who won two Pulitzer Prizes?

a) Samuel L. Clemens b) Walter Winchell c) William Allen White d) Ernie Pyle

12. What did the Plains Indians use for trading and winter clothing?

a) cotton b) animal hides c) wool d) feathers

13. What is one type of lodge used by the Plains Indians?

a) cabin b) dugout c) tipi d) sod house

14. What tribe of Indians that lived in Kansas, shared a similar name with the state?

a) Kiowa b) Pawnee c) Kansa d) Ottawa

15. What animal did the Spanish introduce, that forever changed the way of life for the Plains Indians?

a) the horse b) the buffalo c) the deer d) the cow

16. Before firearms, what was an important weapon the Plains Indians used for hunting and warfare?

a) sword b) crossbow c) bow and arrow d) rifle

17. What were the tipi lodges of the plains Indians made of?

a) buffalo hides b) horse hides c) wool d) leather blankets

18. Which animals became more popular than the mule for pulling wagons?

a) cattle b) horses c) oxen d) burros

19. What were the wagons that carried pioneers across the plains of Kansas often referred as?

a) prairie schooners b) trail wagons c) prairie boats d) speed wagons

20. What was the state of Kansas called as people battled over whether it would join the Union as a free or slave state?

a) Battlefield Kansas b) Bleeding Kansas c) Fighting Kansas d) Jayhawk Kansas

21. What Kansas town was attacked and burned by William C. Quantrill?

a) Kansas City b) Lawrence c) Leavenworth d) Osage City

22. What were the abolitionist's from Kansas, who fought against pro slavery people in Missouri known as?

a) Border Warriors b) Kansans c) Brown's Boys d) Jayhawkers

Answer Key

1. c 2. a 3. c 4. b

5. d 6. b 7. b 8. c

9. b 10. d 11. c 12. b

13. c 14. c 15. a 16. c

17. a 18. c 19. a 20. b

21. b 22. d

Courtesy of Kansas State Historical Society
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