Kansas State Fair

Application for Drawings, Giveaways & Special Activities

This MUST be submitted NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1. No drawing, giveaway or special activity will be approved after this date. An approval/denial e-mail will be sent.

See the Guidelines for Drawings, Giveaways and Special Activities at the bottom of this page.

Submitting this form acknowledges that you understand the Guidelines, and that you agree to adhere to the Guidelines.

Drawing Items

I request permission to hold a drawing.

Will this drawing take place during the Fair?

If No, you will need to receive written permission from the Commercial Exhibits Department before the first day of the Fair.

Drawing Form Attach a copy of your drawing form here

Giveaway Items

I request permission to giveaway the following items:

Special Activity (including sampling)

I request permission to hold the following special activities during the fair:



1. All patrons are eligible to participate in the contest (unless age or sex is a reasonable qualification and such a qualification is stated through signage).
2. No purchase is required to receive a prize.
3. Drawings should be completed by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the Fair. please email your list of wnners to the Commercial Exhibits Department janene.k.starks@ks.gov or tonya-sinclair.stucky@ks.gov.
4. Winners only need to be reported on times valued at $25 or more.
5. A sample of the registration form being used by the exhibitor must also be submitted by August 1.
6. Names, addresses and telephone numbers of those entering your drawing are for the exclusive use of the exhibitor. No sale or transfer of names is allowed.
7. Names are not to be used on the basis that everyone, or most, or several, have won dollar value discounts applicable on the purchase of the same product or service.
8. Winners of prizes shall not be required to leave their domicile in order to receive any prizes. The exhibitor shall undertake all responsibility for mailing, shipping or delivering prizes to the winners.
9. There can be no hidden or undisclosed charges or deposits on the item(s) being offered. If the offer says “free”, it must be totally without cost.
10. If the drawing being held is a “National” drawing, this must be indicated on the form, on all signage, and on the registration form. The signage must also include the date and place of the drawing. The drawing must take place before July 1 of the following calendar year.

The Attorney General's Office has supplied the following information. If you have any further questions you can contact the Attorney General's Office at (785) 296-2215.

In Kansas, lotteries or "raffles" are illegal, both by statute and the Kansas Constitution. A lottery is defined as an enterprise in which a prize is awarded on the basis of chance for which consideration (usually money) is given. Thus, an individual or an organization may not sell tickets for a drawing or a prize. Nor may an organization sell an item, such as a pen, and "give" a raffle ticket to those who purchase the pen. In either instance, the element of consideration is present.

An organization may have a drawing for a prize if the element of consideration is eliminated. The organization may request a donation, but may not require a donation from a person to participate in the drawing.

If a person requests a ticket, but does not wish to make a donation, the person must be given a free ticket. The ticket itself and any advertising should state: "Donations requested, but no donation or purchase is necessary to participate." No specific amount of donation should be printed on the tickets and, additional tickets may not be given to individuals giving larger donations. For example, if a person donates nothing, $.25, $1, or $10, the person should be given one ticket. Persons working on the project may suggest a donation amount, but should make it clear tickets are available without a donation.


1. You do not need to list any brochures, flyers or literature that pertains to your business.
2. No inflated balloons or adhesive stickers of any kind.
3. All rub-on tattoos need to be affixed to the individual inside the booth space.
4. Giveaway items must be in good taste, and not be derogatory in any way.

SPECIAL ACTIVITY (including sampling)

1. This includes characters in costumes, bands, or individual musicians. A schedule that lists the names of entertainer(s) or attraction(s) and the date(s) and time(s) performances for each is required.
2. Any special arrangements made are the responsibility of the Exhibitor. No special credentials will be issued by the Fair for this purpose.
3. Samples may not exceed four (4) ounces in quantity/size. This applies to food, merchandise, cosmetics, etc.
4. Samples can only be given out from your assigned space and must meet the guidelines in the Manual including the food handling safety guidelines (i.e., permits, gloves and hand washing).
5. This form is not for special sales/discounts on food.
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