Sign of Jonah

Sign of Jonah

Date: Sept 11, 2024
Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Sign Of Jonah is a Christian rock band that has inspired audiences with powerful music and heartfelt messages since 2018. Based out of Wichita, Ks, the band blends elements of classic and progressive rock, blues, and hint of country to create a sound that resonates with listeners of all ages.
Gary Heitz (founder, guitar and vocals), Mike Kilpatric (guitar and vocals), DuWayne Bohlman (bass), and Bill Wullschleger (percussion & background vocals).

Heitz and Kilpatric share the songwriting credits and showcase their catchy and unique styles of contemporary Christian music. Their lyrics hold heartfelt messages that remind people of God’s ever-present love and faithfulness.

Individually Sign of Jonah’s members have 30+ years of playing experience on stages, events, and venues all over America and abroad. Sign of Jonah has been interviewed on local television and has played several shows at local events, festivals & organized church events.

All three of their CD's are currently streaming on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube, and are receiving airtime on several Christian radio stations across the country.

Their current CD "Real Love" made #14 in the 2023 year’s top 25 Christian Rock albums list of favorites on the Angelic Warlord review site, check it out: Sign Of Jonah - Real Love review at Angelic Warlord - Christian Metal Resource.

This isn't your gramma's church music! It can be loud & proud or subtle and down-home. There is a song with a message for everyone! Catch Sign of Jonah at their next show or anytime you're looking for good upbeat listening music or check them out on Facebook , YouTube or Bandcamp Music | Sign of Jonah (, you won't be disappointed!

Sign of Jonah’s mission is to share the love of Christ through music, bringing encouragement and hope to everyone who hears their songs.
The band continues to tour, performing at churches, festivals, and events, spreading their message of faith and love. With each performance, Sign of Jonah aims to create an atmosphere where people can connect with God and each other, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.


Sign of Jonah
Sept 11, 2024 | 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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