Kids Closet Connection
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Kids Closet Connection

Date: Apr 06 - Apr 08, 2023
  • Free Admission
  • Credit Cards Accepted

Meet Your Sale's Owner

Debbie Graham - - Hutchinson, Kansas

Debbie Graham is a super woman, whether she’s working at a supermarket or her super sales.

With her first Hutchinson Kid’s Closet Connection sale in the spring of 2020, Debbie divides her time between her four children, extended family and her corporate technology job for a national grocery store chain.

“The thing I love about Kid’s Closet Consignment sales is the direct contact I have with other people - - whether it’s customers or my family working the sale,” Debbie says. “I love the energy that comes from people selling kids’ things they no longer want, to the families who need those things for their own children.”

Debbie’s day-job working with computer servers makes her comfortable with the state-of-the-“heart” technology used at the Kid’s Closet Connection sales. “It’s important for my children to be part of building a business from the ground up,” she says. “In a community where businesses can come and go, it’s great to share our blessings with others who need things for their families at super-affordable prices.”

Debbie likes to think of her children’s consignment sales as a “do-good” gathering. “I come from a very hard-working family,” she says. “By having these sales, we stay connected to family and the community at large.”

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