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Kansas' Largest Classroom Lesson Plans
Kansas State Fair

Level: Intermediate Grades 3-5

Topic: Social Studies/ Science

Objectives: Gain knowledge Kansas' history and products.
Gain an awareness of the diversity of life in Kansas

Materials: Paper and pencils at the fair

Before the field trip
1. Develop a Scavenger Hunt Report Form. Present the form and the rules of the hunt to the students.
At the fair
1. Conduct a Scavenger Hunt in the Pride of Kansas Building. Items that might be included:
a. Find at least 3 grains grown in Kansas.
b. How much does the butter sculpture weigh and who carved it?
c. What are at least 3 vegetables grown and on display at the state fair?
d. What insect makes something sweet to it?
e. What meat is considered the "other white meat"?
f. What are 3 weeds that grow in Kansas?
g. How much does the largest pumpkin weigh?
h. How much wheat does Kansas produce in an average year?
i. Find and list the levels of the Food Pyramid.
After the fair
1. Let students develop a bulletin board with the materials that they collected in the Pride of Kansas Building.
2. As an art project, ask students to develop collates with the title, "What Kansas Means to Me".
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