Planning Your Day
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Planning Your Day

We understand planning a field trip can be stressful. We want to help you have an organized, educational yet fun trip with your students. Read through all of the online materials, lesson plans and schedules and choose what you want to see and learn on your field trip. Fill out the online registration and get ready to come to the Fair. Information on parking, checking in, picnic locations, and first aid can be found in this section. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

Fairgrounds Map

Click here to view the Fairgrounds map to help you find your way around the grounds.

Gate Tickets

Teachers can order discounted youth tickets on the registration form. Thanks to sponsorship of the Kansas' Largest Classroom, the student tickets are available for only $3.00 each. One complimentary adult ticket can be ordered for every four (4) student tickets purchased. These are to be used by the teachers, adult trip chaperones, and bus drivers. If additional adult tickets are needed, they can be ordered on the registration form for $7.00 each through Thursday, September 5; $10.00 each if ordered after September 6th. * Monday, September 9, is Dollar Day. General gate admission to the Fair is $1.00 or Free with your Dillon's Card. If you plan to attend on Monday please register so our presenters can plan accordingly.
The tickets will be held for you at the Little Red School House at Gate 5 the on day of your trip.

Funding the Field trip

Many teachers have had to find alternate sources to pay for the student gate tickets and bus transportation. Sources to consider are your Parent Teacher Organization, local merchants or companies, service organizations such as Optimist, Rotary, Civitan, or Kiwanis, a bake sale or other fundraisers. The Miller Nissley Scholarship is also available to those who qualify.


School bus parking is located in Lot A and B, the North Lot across 25th Avenue, near Gate 5. All cars and vans should park in the public parking located across from Gate 5. This Gate is closest to the Little Red School House and the Encampment Building. This is free parking. There is a paved, handicapped lot located adjacent to the bus parking lot.

Check In

Upon arrival to the Fairgrounds, all field trip groups are requested to check in at the Little Red School House. This is where your gate admission tickets and discount coupons will be located. State Fair personnel are on hand to help your group get started. Teachers can purchase or return tickets at the School House. If your group has requested an ambassador this is where to meet them. Classes can then proceed to the Encampment Building located southwest of Gate 5. Coats, lunches, etc. can be left in the Kansas Fairs Association Hall of this building. There are rest rooms and drinking fountains located here. In the event of rain, this is a good location to return to eat sack lunches.

First Aid

The first aid station is located at the west end of the Administration Building, with medical staff on duty.

Lost Children

Lost children (or adults) should be advised to find the nearest Highway Patrol Officer. Lost children (or adults) can be claimed at the Highway Patrol Office in the Administration Building.


Nearly every exhibit building has public restrooms. There is a large restroom facility south of Gate 5 about 1 1/2 blocks (by the Do Art Building). All restrooms are clearly marked. There are also restrooms available in the Encampment Building. Restrooms are identified on the Daily Schedules handed out at each walk-in gate.

Picnic Locations

Listed below are suggested locations for students to stop and eat their sack lunches, or meet and eat their purchased lunches.
Lake Talbott Park - sit on the benches and watch the entertainment on the stage.
Bretz Injury Lawyers Arena - sit in the covered bleacher seating and watch the entertainment on the stage.
Gottschalk Park - located between the Pride of Kansas Building and Oz Gallery. An open grassy area with benches.
Encampment Building Kansas Fairs Association Hall - tables set up and drinking fountains will be available. Good indoor location in case of rain or extreme heat
Encampment Building Lawn - some picnic tables are available.


Water fountains are located in most exhibit buildings.

The Encampment Building, located near the Little Red Schoolhouse, also has water fountains.

Animal Safety

Animals can be great fun, but it's important to know how to be safe when you're with them. Animals and humans view their surroundings very differently. Humans see in color, while livestock in shades of grey and livestock generally have poor depth perception. Most animals can see wide angles around them, but have a blind spot (area they cannot see) near the hindquarters. Horses also have a blind spot directly in front of them. When approaching or around livestock, be aware of these blind spots – movement in these areas should be avoided as it makes animals uneasy and nervous. Animals also have extremely sensitive hearing – loud and high-frequency sounds can hurt their ears.

When around animals:

· Ask for permission to approach or touch an animal that is not a part of a petting zoo.

· Be calm and don’t run around the animals

· Avoid making loud noises

· Approach large animals at their shoulder

· Be cautious about petting any newborn animals.
It is important to remember that animals sometimes carry germs that are harmful to us and can make us sick. Washing your hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading. Think about all of the things that you touched today - from the telephone, to a door handle to the animals in the petting zoo. Whatever you did today, you came into contact with germs. It is especially important to wash your hands after petting or being around animals because they not only carry germs that can be harmful to us but we can also come into contact with Zoonotic Diseases. Zoonotic Diseases are those that can be transferred from animals to humans. Some of these germs and diseases may not be harmful for the animals but can be harmful to humans. It's easy for a germ on your hand to end up in your mouth. Think about how many times your hands touch your face and how many different foods you eat with your hands. You can't wear rubber gloves all day long, but you can wash your hands so those germs don't get a chance to make you or someone else sick. When germs go down the drain, they can't make anyone sick.
· Always wash your hands after petting animals or touching the animal enclosure, especially before eating and drinking.
·Running water and soap are best. Use whatever soap you like. Some soaps come in cool shapes and colors or smell nice, but whatever kind that gets you scrubbing is the kind you should use. Antibacterial soaps are OK to use, but regular soap works fine. Work up some lather on both sides of your hands, your wrists, and between your fingers. Don't forget to wash around your nails. This is one place germs like to hide. Wash for about 10 to 15 seconds - about how long it takes to sing "Happy Birthday." (Sing it quickly two times or just once if you go nice and slow.)
· Use hand gels if running water and soap are not available. You still need to rub your hands together when using the hand gel instead of water and soap.
· Do not share your food with animals.
· Never put you hands or objects (for example: pacifiers) in their mouth while interacting with animals.
Now that you have covered safety on the way to the fair, you can enjoy this exciting animal adventure!
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