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Overview: Today’s children are inundated with messages about food and exercise. They tend to get too much fat and sugar in their diets; many times through the use of processed foods. The activities presented by the Kansas Learning Center for Health will inform participants about healthier food choices along with activities that will encourage daily exercise. Research shows that regular exercise (30-60 minutes per day) is linked to a wide array of mental and physical advantages. Children involved in regular exercise earn better grades and have better social skills than those who do not. We want children to learn that being healthy can be FUN!

Eat Smart/Exercise for Fun
Grades: K-6th
State Science Standards: K-4th grade S 6.1.1,2,3; 5th-7th grade S 6.1.1
Subjects: Health, Science
Time Required: 5 minutes

These two activities will allow students to learn basic concepts about nutrition, fitness and the human body while having fun!

Students will participate in two stations;

Eat Smart
• Students will receive a copy of the MyPyramid which will explain the importance of a balanced diet and help students make healthier eating choices.

• Students will place food items under the correct food group on a Velcro board. They will be challenged by placing combination foods in the correct food group.

• Older students will choose the correct serving sizes for a variety of different popular food items.

Exercise for Fun
• Students will spin a wheel with a variety of exercise and human body questions.

• If the question is answered correctly they will win a small prize.

If the question is not answered correctly they can earn the small prize by doing an exercise like; jumping jacks, knee bends

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