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TELEPHONE SERVICE IN EXHIBIT BOOTH SPACE an Exhibitor requires a phone line at your exhibit during the Fair, it is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to initiate the installment and pay for telephone service.This service is a temporary commercial service, and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of the Fair.To schedule temporary commercial service, please contact AT&T at 800-485-1160 and tell them you need to establish temporary service for a special event.When speaking with AT&T, be sure to inquire about all charges that may apply and advise the customer service representative you will need a phone jack, since this is a temporary service from year to year.No alterations will be made to existing phone lines, without prior approval, to accommodate Exhibitor phone service after August 15.

Additionally, you must provide AT&T your specific location and the company name (including DBA) as listed on your Commercial Exhibits Contract when ordering to ensure the service is connected in the correct location.For billing purposes, the Exhibitor should provide the customer service representative a home or business address to avoid any delay in mailing the service bill.After the temporary phone line is installed on the Fairgrounds, please notify the Fair's switchboard ((620)669-3600) of the number so inquiries can be directed to you.Do not leave your phone line unattended.For repairs on phone service during the Fair, call 1-800-286-8313 (24 Hours).You will need to hold on the line so an operator can assist you, do not select a number to pass.

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