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The Kansas State Fair offers overnight dormitory facilities for organized groups such as scout troops, church groups, 4H and FFA groups. Our dormitories are located in the Encampment Building on the North end of the Fairgrounds.

There are two dormitory wings located on the second floor of the encampment building. One wing accommodates the boys and the other wing accommodates the girls. Both wings have restroom and shower accommodations. Each wing has four rooms with a total sleeping capacity of 72 people per room (288 per wing) if all 3 bunks are used. Typically only the bottom 2 bunks are used for sleeping which brings the capacity of each room to 48 (192 per wing).

There are three smaller rotunda rooms that sleep an additional 8-15 people each. Two of these rooms feature private restroom/shower accommodations.

Renter supplies all bedding (pillow, sleeping bag, and sheets) and toiletry items such as towels and soap.

For more information or to make a Non-Fair reservation, please call Facility Rentals at 620-669-3600.

The Fair also offers overnight dormitory facilities for 4H and FFA members during the Fair. For reservations for Fair time, please click here for more information.


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