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Facility Rentals at the Kansas State Fair

While we are home to the Kansas State Fair 10 days in September, our grounds is host to a variety of events and show the rest of the year.

Centrally located and laid out over 280 acres, the Kansas State Fairgrounds includes many buildings and livestock facilities that offer the most flexible event and show venues across the state of Kansas. Host to more than 400 events every year, there is something happening here all year long.

Whatever the size of your event, if you need to rent a location in the heart of America, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team is ready to make your rental experience success the first time and every time.

We host a variety of events with local, regional, national and international appeal. Our fairgrounds is an ideal place to host:

  • Corporate Parties, Meetings and Picnics;
  • Auctions;
  • Craft and Antique Fairs;
  • Equestrian and Livestock Shows;
  • Sporting Events;
  • RV Camping;
  • RV and Motorcycle Rallies;
  • Trade Shows and Conventions;
  • Concerts and Festivals;
  • Weddings and Receptions;
  • And many more events!

With our long record of hosting successful events, you can be confident when you host your event with us.

Contact Facility Rentals, at 620.669.3600 to see how we can enhance the success of your event.

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