Market Lambs
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Market Lambs

High Call Outfitters
HighNoon Feeds

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Grand Champion - $4,000

High Noon Feeds; Bird City, KS & High Call Outfitters; Great Bend, KS

Reserve Grand Champion - $2,500

Marvin, Cindy Allen & Family, Baldwin City, KS & Warrior Farms - In Memory of William Cunningham, Ottawa, KS

3rd Overall - $1,000

TSB Hay Grinding; Hillsboro, KS

4th Overall - $750

Abeldt Club Lambs and Southdowns; Hope, KS

5th Overall - $500

Hobbs Show Lambs; Newton, KS & Ehler Club Lambs; Fairbury, NE


Sheep Showmanship - Friday, September 6, 1:30 pm

Market Show - Saturday, September 7, 8:00 am

Breeding Show - Sunday, September 8, 8:00 am

Kathy Brazle, Show Manager, (620) 431-3845

Chris Bauerle, FFA Representative, (785) 285-0523

Dale Lanham, 4-H Representative, (620) 625-3113

Judge: Market/Breeding:

Judge: Showmanship:

Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules

Market lamb entries must check in from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, September 6. . Sheep will be allowed in the barns at noon on September 5. Any sheep arriving before this time will not be allowed on grounds.

Release: Market ONLY exhibitors will be released Saturday, September 7 between 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm. All other exhibitors will be released Sunday, September 8, when they are finished showing. Trailers will not be allowed on grounds Sunday, September 8 until 8:00 am. Animals must be vacated on Sunday, September 8 by 5:00 pm. If pens are not vacated, KSF has the right to move animals to another location.

  1. All sheep will be housed in the sheep/swine barn. Sheep will be stalled as they arrive. If you want to stall together, arrive together.
  2. Market lambs must have an official Kansas EID ear tag by June 15. $8.00 nomination fee must be submitted to: State 4-H/FFA Shows, Weber Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-0202, by June 15.This nomination does not constitute entry into this show.
  3. Exhibitors who abuse an animal will be barred from showing and will forfeit any premium, ribbon or prize won. The word abuse includes beating, slapping, using an electric prod or forcing a lamb into a solid object in an attempt to make the animal brace more firmly. Bracing a lamb by holding the front feet off the ground also constitutes abuse. During the judge's inspection or handling, all four feet of the animal are to be in contact with the ground.
  4. DNA Testing/EID Ear Tags - If an animal loses its EID ear tag, the exhibitor needs to contact their Extension agent and have the tag replaced, then let KSU know the new tag number. This will need to be done prior to the show. There will be a $100.00 fee to collect DNA at the show if a tag is missing.
  5. Market lambs must weigh a minimum of ninety pounds (with no top weight limit) in order to show. Lambs will not be allowed to re-weigh once they have checked in. Exhibitors will declare weight for their lamb. Weight cards will be turned in at check in time.
  6. Market lambs must be wethers or ewes. Ram lambs or cryptorchids cannot show.
  7. All lambs must have their lamb teeth and will be mouthed at check-in.
  8. An exhibitor may show a maximum of three market lambs at the show, whether they be entered as 4-H or FFA exhibits. If entries exceed pens available, exhibitors will be contacted to bring fewer animals.
  9. At the time of health check-in, all market lambs must be "slick shorn" with uniform wool length not to exceed .20 inch from the knee and hock joints up before arrival on the grounds, including the head. There will be no shearing of market animals or commercial ewes allowed on any part of the grounds. Touch-up clipping with scissors, hand shears or cordless clippers is allowed. No blocking/trim tables for sheep are permitted anywhere on the grounds. Violation will result in disqualification of animal.
  10. Show management may divide classes into sub-classes. Classes will be set at the discretion of show management.
  11. A classifier will be hired for classification and acceptance of all lambs. All market lambs will be classified by breed into the proper breed classes - regardless of the breed designation on entry forms. The decisions of the classifier are final.
  12. The top two placings of each class will be weighed back. No more than a 5% difference will be allowed from the official weigh-in weight. If weight differs by more than 5%, animal will be disqualified.
  13. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb are terminal. Ownership will transfer immediately following selection by judge and collection of any samples. Exhibitors are expected to leave adequate feed or share complete ration. At no time is the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion animal to leave the testing area. Once samples are taken ownership transfers and animals remain with Kansas State Fair staff.
  14. Premium check(s) will be mailed upon receipt of wholesome test results.
  15. There will be no base bid for sheep.
  16. Exhibitors are required to be YQCA certified. Check with your local extension office on this certification.

The Kansas Sheep Association Purebred Committee, c/o Deb Simon, 2598 County Rd 78, Quinter, KS 67752, will provide $250.00 in added premiums. This $250.00 is to be distributed to the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion as well as breed champions and reserve champions, including cross breeds. Specific amounts will be determined following break-down into breed categories.





Reserve Champion


Jessica Stalford & Reece Nichols; Ottawa, KS

John & Thea Beckman; Scott City, KS & Central Livestock; South Hutchinson, KS


CJ Feed; Paola, KS & Diamond D Club Lambs / Crossroads Real Estate; Paola, KS

Harrison Show Lambs; Spring Hill, KS


Harris Show Lambs; Abilene, KS & Laas Lambs; Salina, KS

Dale & Vickie Lanham; Yates Center, KS & Noterman Club Lambs; Satanta, KS


Silver Smith Genetics; Harper, KS & Show Stock Planet; Bellevue, OH

Ag Strategies of Kansas LLC; Chanute, KS & Silver Smith Genetics; Harper, KS


Mazanec Club Lambs; Colby, KS & Pilger Club Lambs; Wallace, KS

Hewlett Farms; Independence, KS & Ehler Club Lambs; Fairbury, NE

Natural Colored

Clark Show Lambs; Preston, KS & Hutchinson Community College

Diamond C Club Lambs; Leavenworth, KS & Ag Youth Magazine; Sentinel, OK

Speckle Face

Harris Show Lambs; Abilene, KS & Ott Club Lambs; Longton, KS

Hemphill Club Lambs; Byers, KS & Palen Club Lambs; Scott City, KS


Knappenberger Veterinary Clinic; Olathe, KS

Ash Grove Cement Company; Chanute, KS

General Sponsor Ehling Custom Mills, Inc; Hutchinson, KS

Division 1040 - Market Lamb Breeds



Speckle Face













7th -8th

9th - 10th

Class Placings









Breed Champion


Breed Reserve Champion


Grand Champion


Reserve Grand Champion


3rd Overall


4th Overall


5th Overall


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