Market Beef
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Market Beef

Kansas Ethanol

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Grand Champion - $10,000

Kansas Ethanol LLC; Lyons, KS

Reserve Grand Champion - $7,500

Merck Animal Health; DeSoto, KS

3rd Overall Champion - $2,500

Farm Bureau Financial Services; Burlington, KS

4th Overall Champion - $1,500

Emmerson Show Cattle; Fort Scott, KS & Kinsley Feeders, LLC; Kinsley, KS

5th Overall Champion - $1,000

High Noon Feeds; Bird City, KS & Justin Weseloh; LeRoy, KS



Beef Showmanship - Friday, September 6, 4:30 pm

Market Show - Saturday, September 7, 9:00 am

Breeding Show - Sunday, September 8, 8:00 am

Anne Lampe, Show Manager, Scott City, KS (620) 874-4273 or email Anne Lampe

Assistant Show Manager, Amber Thompson

Kevin Gleason, FFA Representative (620) 224-9200

Shad Marston, 4-H Representative

Judge: Market/Breeding:

Judge: Showmanship:

Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules

Beef entries must check in from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Friday, September 7. Animals must be on ground by noon.

Release: Market ONLY exhibitors will be released Saturday, September 7 between 8:00 pm and 10:30 pm. All other exhibitors will be released Sunday, September 8, when they are finished showing. No trailers will be allowed on grounds before 8:00 am on Sunday, September 8. Animals must be vacated on Sunday, September 8 by 5:00 pm. If pens are not vacated, KSF has the right to move animals to another location.

  1. All Market Beef must have an official Kansas EID ear tag by May 1. $8.00 nomination fee must be submitted to: State 4-H/FFA Shows, Weber Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506 by May 1. This nomination fees does not constitute entry into the show.
  2. DNA Testing/EID Ear Tags - If an animal loses its EID ear tag the exhibitor needs to contact their extension agent and have the tag replaced, then let KSU know the new tag number. This will need to be done prior to the show. There will be a $100.00 fee to collect DNA at the show if a tag is missing.
  3. Exhibitors will turn in the official show weight of their market beef. To be eligible for the show all market beef must weigh a minimum of 1,000 pounds to qualify for exhibiting. Market Beef will not be allowed to re-weigh once they have checked in. There will be no maximum weight limit provided the packing company processing animals does not set a limit.
  4. A 4-H or FFA exhibitor may show a maximum of three market beef at this show.
  5. Market Beef will be shown by breed as nominated or as AOB if not crossbred. Papers must match breed nomination or will show as a crossbred.
  6. For a breed class to be offered, the class must be sponsored. There must be at least ten head in a breed class to offer full class payback. For a class with less than ten head, class payback will be prorated. Classes will be set at discretion of the show management.
  7. Animals must be shown in the breed in which animal was nominated. Papers must match breed nomination or will show as a crossbred.
  8. Exhibitors MUST bring registration papers or the necessary credentials as per breed standards set by their respective national breed associations.
  9. Any animal upon check-in which does not have a legible tattoo corresponding to its registration certificate will be shown as a crossbred. Breed associations are responsible for classification and acceptance of all animals. The decisions of the breed classification committee are final.
  10. The Market Beef show is a no fit show, "Blow and Show". "No Fit," at the Kansas State Fair is defined as using no adhesive, glue, paint or powder products.
  11. The top two placings of each class will be weighed back. Animals with a variance more of than + or - 5% from the official weigh in weight will be disqualified. The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to weigh any animal.
  12. All market heifers must be preg checked thirty days prior to the show by a local veterinarian. Heifers must be open to show. Any heifer entered in the show may be preg checked by the KSF veterinarian. At check-in, ALL market heifer entries must be accompanied by an officially signed health paper or statement from a licensed veterinarian guaranteeing that the entry has been preg checked open within thirty days of the show date. Failure to produce documentation upon check-in will result in disqualification. The KSF reserves the right to preg check any market heifer.
  13. No floor standing fans or Port-A-Cools will be permitted in the barns. Fans must be hung on either a fan cage (rear of animal) or on a fan bar (on side of animal). Fans on wheeled carts are not allowed in the alley way. Exhibitor must provide frames. Electrical service is limited.
  14. Fans in each aisle must blow the same direction. Each aisle will blow opposite directions; direction will be designated by show officials.
  15. Tie-out bedding must be provided by the exhibitor.
  16. Grand Champion Re-weigh: Prior to the selection of the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion, all Breed Champions and Reserve Breed Champions will be re-weighed. Should a Breed Champion or a Reserve Breed Champion weigh-out, he would retain his status breed Champion or Reserve Champion status, but would be ineligible to compete for Grand or Reserve Grand Champion.
  17. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Market beef are terminal. Ownership will transfer immediately following selection by judge and collection of any samples. Exhibitors are expected to leave adequate feed or share complete ration. At no time is the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion animal to leave the testing area. Once samples are taken ownership transfers and animals remain with Kansas State Fair staff.
  18. Purchase and premium check(s) will be mailed upon receipt of wholesome test results.
  19. Grand Drive exhibitors are required to have YQCA certification. Check with your local extension office on this certification. We will still accept valid PQA certification until expiration dates.

Beef classification standards are as follows:

Angus must have American Angus Association registration papers and corresponding tattoo or freeze brand. The KS Angus Assn and KS Jr Angus Assn reserve the right to sift any steers of questionable non typical Angus color or confirmation or request a blood test.

Charolais A Steer Certificate of exhibitor ownership is required from the American International Charolais Association (AICA) that states at least 50% Charolais parentage from either a registered purebred cow or registered purebred bull; animal will also exhibit Charolais breed characteristics. Complete a registration form from the AICA and submit for the Steer Certificate. Forms are available online at

Chianina must meet registration requirements as defined by the American Chianina Association, be registered with ACA and have a legible tattoo corresponding to the registration papers.

Gelbvieh must be 3/8 Gelbvieh or greater.

Hereford & Polled Hereford must be out of a registered or purebred cow. They must have a Hereford steer certificate obtained from the American Hereford Association or a Kansas Polled Hereford Association steer certificate.

Limousin must be 50% or higher, sired by a registered Limousin bull or out of a registered purebred Limousin Cow. Steers need not be registered but exhibitors must provide a completed KLBA steer certificate obtained from the breeder, or by contracting Pat Meek, 24855 County Rd 1077, Parker, KS 66072.

Maine-Anjou must 1/4 or higher Maine-Anjou, registered with the American Maine-Anjou Association, and have a legible tattoo corresponding to the registration papers.

Red Angus must be 50% or greater from one registered parent. Steer must be 85% Red in color, polled (no scures) and display sufficient breed characteristics which match percent of registration. All steers must be properly tattooed. Tattoos must be legible and must match the registration certificate.

Shorthorn must be minimum 93% Shorthorn blood and present Kansas Shorthorn Association verification certificate or American Shorthorn Association purebred registration certificate. Verification certificates are available from Kansas Shorthorn Association secretary or the steer breeder. The steer breeder must complete the certificate.

Simmental 50% or higher, accompanied by an American Simmental Association performance pedigree and have legible tattoos corresponding to the accompanying performance pedigree.




Reserve Champion


KS Angus & Jr Angus Assoc; Scott City, KS

KS Angus & Jr Angus Assoc; Scott City, KS


CJ Feed & Supply Inc; Paola, KS & Strnad Land & Cattle; Wellington, KS


Pearson Club Calves; Barnard, KS

Barrows Farm; Manhattan, KS & Furrow Show Cattle; Ellinwood, KS


Ruff Cattle Co; Hanston, KS

Dietz-Olson Club Calves; Russell, KS


Jensen Bros; Courtland, KS

Springhill Herefords, Blue Rapids, KS


Allen Farms; Gardner, KS & John & Jarrod Beam; Wamego, KS

Michaelis Show Cattle; Paxico, KS


Ediger Club Calves; Minneola, KS

Ottmann Livestock; Rock Port, MO

Red Angus

KS Jr Red Angus Assoc; Norwich, KS

KS Jr Red Angus Assoc; Norwich, KS


Conine Livestock, Scott City, KS & Hombre, Inc; Colby, KS

Shorter Ranch; Dexter, KS & Aust Farms LLC; Lacygne, KS


Werth Show Stock; Ellis, KS

Jad & Erin Gleue; Omaha, NE

Market Heifer

Aust Farms LLC; Lacygne, KS Mid Continent Farms; Washington, KS

Overall Sponsor

Valley Vet Supply; Marysville, KS

Mid Continent Farms
Jacam Chemicals; Lyons, KS
Nigro's Western Store; Kansas City, KS
Ehling Custom Mills; Hutchinson, KS

Division 1020 - Market Beef Breeds





Red Angus





Market Heifer


















Breed Champion


Breed Reserve Champion


Grand Champion


Reserve Grand Champion


3rd Overall


4th Overall


5th Overall


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