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ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT: Tom Granzow, Herington, KS, (785) 466-2247

SHOW DATE: Thursday, September 12; 9:00 am


KANSAS STATE FAIR OFFERS..........................................................$4,800.00

Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules

There must be more than one exhibitor in a class to pay more than one premium placing.

  1. All Hereford entries must be duly recorded with the American Hereford Association. Any animal with a pending registration or without a legible tattoo will not be eligible for show competition. All entries are subject to provisions and rules for showing as set forth by the American Hereford Association Board of Directors, and are subject to supervision of the Show and Sale Committee representing the AHA. All animals at all AHA sponsored shows must be officially recorded at show time to be eligible to show. An official AHA registry number at entry time will be required. Scurs on Polled Herefords should be left as is and should not be tampered with or removed.
  2. To be eligible for the Kansas Bred and Owned awards, the animal must have been bred only by a Kansas breeder(s) and must be presently owned only by Kansas breeder(s).
  3. Record of Registry: Registration in the American Hereford Association is required of all Herefords owned by and to be exhibited by American breeders, whether the animals were domestically produced or of foreign origin. Herefords originating outside the United States and owned by breeders living outside the USA must be registered in the recognized herd or studbook of the country of origin and recognized by the American Hereford Association, or registered in the AHA.
  4. Registration Certificates: Exhibitors are required to have current and accurate AHA registration certificates or photocopies of same of the animals on exhibit, in possession of the herdsmen with regard to the animal’s recorded ownership as of the show’s entry deadline date, with the cattle. Registration certificates or current photocopies are to be made available upon request to State Fair staff and officials for identification. Similarly, in cases of animals originating from outside the USA and owned by breeders outside the USA, official registration certificates photocopies from country of origin are required.
  5. Identification by Tattoo: Ear tattoos must be clearly legible and agree with animal’s registration certificate. Any animal whose tattoo does not match the registration certificate is ineligible to show.
  6. Ownership: Cattle must be entered and exhibited under the recorded ownership name or co-owners names as of the show’s entry deadline date.
  7. New Owners: Transfers of ownership must be on file in the AHA office no later than the show’s entry deadline date.
  8. Defects and Unethical Practices: The following are considered defects and unethical practices. Any violation of the rules regarding these will result in disqualification of the animal in question: a.) Cutting out, dyeing or otherwise tampering with any white hairs, constituting what is known as a lineback on the back of any animal. b.) Application of hair or artificial foundation in any area of the animal in an effort to alter the appearance of the natural lines of structure of the animal. c.) Application of dye or coloring to the hair of any animal in any area of its body that would change the natural color markings/pattern of the animal. d.) The presence of scar tissue in an area of the animal where operations in violation of the provision of subparagraphs 1 and 2 of General rules, dealing with "defects and unethical practices," might have taken place shall be presumed to indicate a violation of the applicable provisions of said subparagraphs 1 and 2, unless the exhibitor shall produce sufficient evidence that the said scar tissue was caused by reasons having no relationship to a possible violation of said subparagraphs 1 or 2. Such evidence must satisfy the AHA Show Committee that no violation of said subparagraphs have taken place. The burden of proof shall be upon the exhibitor to establish there has been no such violation, where there is such presence of scar tissue. The decision of the Show Committee shall be final subject to the right of the exhibitor to appeal such decision to the AHA Board of Directors as provided in section entitled "Appeals.'
  9. Sifting: All cattle entered for show may be inspected and required to meet minimum standards of type, quality and conformation.
  10. Fitted Cow-calf Pair: Cow will be no older than 5 years of age on December 31 of present show year. Calf born on or after January 1 of present show year.
  11. Calves Shown with Dams: A calf exhibited in show ring competition with its dam, in any class, is eligible to compete in an individual calf class by itself in the same show, and vice versa, but must be entered in appropriate class.
  12. Appeals: If the Show Committee shall find that in its opinion there has been a violation of any of the foregoing rules and/or specific rules as they relate to the National Hereford Show, the Show Committee shall determine the appropriate action which shall be taken and its decision shall be final and conclusive upon all persons whomsoever; providing that if such decision shall disqualify an animal or shall cause it to be moved in class that the exhibitor shall have the right to appear in person or through his authorized representative before the AHA Board of Directors to present his position. Such exhibitor must give notice in writing to the Chairman of the Show Committee or to the President of the association within six hours after being notified of the decision of the Show Committee that he desires to appeal.
  13. Fans in each aisle must blow the same direction. Each aisle will blow opposite directions; direction will be designated by show officials. NO free standing, aisle fans or portable coolers are allowed.

Special Cow/Calf Class for Each Breed. Cows and calves exhibited in this class may not be entered or exhibited in any other class. Cows may be any age, calves to be born in calendar year. This is a Jackpot event within each breed. An entry fee of $25 per pair will be charged. Premiums will be awarded as follows:80% of the entry fee will be paid back in each breed as follows: 1st, 40%; 2nd, 30%; 3rd, 20%; 4th, 10%. The other 20% will be used as pen fee. Animals may be clipped and groomed. No tail ties allowed. Cattle will be housed in the Livestock Annex if room is available Prairie Pavilion may be considered.

Champion & Reserve Champion Heifer (Kansas bred & owned)................................Listed below

Champions will be selected from top two placings of each class. Those qualifying must lead into show ring to be placed by judge.

Premium Points

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Grand Reserve
Points Awarded
Per Placing
50 40 30 20 10 75 65
Points Awarded
Classes 2-4
100 80 60 40 20
Lowest Possible
$55.00 $44.00 $33.00 $22.00 $11.00 $82.50 $71.50
Lowest Possible
Premiums Classes 2-4
$110.00 $88.00 $66.00 $44.00 $22.00


Division 1104 - Classes & Premiums


Hereford - Special Cow/Calf class


Herefords - Cows 2 & 3 years old with calves


Herefords - Cows 4 to 9 years old with calves


Herefords - Cows 10 years old and older with calves


Herefords - Spring Heifer Calves, born after March 1, current year


Herefords - Junior Heifer Calves, born between Jan 1 and Feb 29, current year


Herefords - Winter Heifer Calves, born Nov 1 to Dec 31, prior year


Herefords - Senior Heifer Calves Aug 1 Oct 31, prior year


Herefords - Summer Yearling Heifers, born May 1 to July 31, prior year


Herefords - Late Spring Yearling Heifers, born April 1 to April 30, prior year


Herefords - Early Spring Yearling Heifers, born March 1 to March 31, prior year


Herefords - Late Junior Yearling Heifers, born Feb 1 to Feb 29, prior year


Herefords - Early Junior Yearling Heifers, born Jan 1 to Jan 31, prior year


Herefords - Senior Yearling Heifers, born Sept 1 to Dec 31, prior year


Herefords - Fitted Cow/Calf


Herefords - Spring Bull Calves, born after March 1, current year


Herefords - Junior Bull Calves, born Jan 1 to Feb 29, current year


Herefords - Winter Bull Calves, born Nov 1 to Dec 31, prior year


Herefords - Senior Bull Calves, born Aug 1 to Oct 31, prior year


Herefords - Summer Yearling Bulls, born May 1 to July 31, prior year


Herefords - Spring Yearling Bulls, born March 1 to April 30, prior year


Herefords - Junior Yearling Bulls, born Jan 1 to Feb 29, prior year


Herefords - Senior Yearling Bulls, born Sept 1 to Dec 31, 2016


Herefords - Two-Year-Old Bulls, born Jan 1 to Aug 31, 2016


Herefords - Get-of-Sire, 4 animals shown other classes with both sexes represented of 1 sire.


Herefords - Best Six Head: Owned by exhibitor. Must have been shown single entry class

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