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ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT: Jim Schwarz, Sedgwick, KS, (316) 830-2297

SHOW DATE: Saturday, September 14 at 9:00 am


KANSAS STATE FAIR OFFERS...................................................................................$3,700.00

Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules

  1. There must be more than one exhibitor in a class to pay more than one premium placing.
  2. All animals to be eligible for an Open Charolais Breeding Class must be purebred and registered with the American- International Charolais Association (AICA). Only bona-fide (original) certificates of registration will be accepted as evidence of registration and ownership: No photocopies.
  3. An animal is eligible to enter or compete in an open Charolais breeding class if registered in country of origin outside the United States and is eligible for purebred registry in the AICA Herdbook.
  4. Animals registered in the AICA Colored Division Registry (QF & QM initialed registration numbers) must meet the parameters of the AICA Color Card.
  5. All animals to be eligible may be approved by a sifting committee designated by the American-International Charolais Association. Stall space will not be provided for any Charolais cattle that have not been accepted by the sifting committee.
  6. All animals are subject to a medical examination in order to determine age, and each animal will be present in the show ring in its natural conformation without alteration or modification. Use of artificial tailheads is not permitted.
  7. Any animal not having a legible tattoo or firebrand number is ineligible and will be barred from showing.
  8. Bulls from classes 19 - 23 must have a valid, satisfactory semen test certificate in possession. This certificate is valid for the entire show season.
  9. All animals shown in individual classes must be weaned, with the exception of the Cow/Calf Class and calves at the side of females born after September 1, 2016. Calves must be purebred and registered with the AICA. Females calved after September 1, 2016, must show in individual female class appropriate to age. Nurse cows are not permitted.
  10. All females 20 months and older exhibited at AICA sanctioned shows must be accompanied by a certificate of pregnancy from a licensed veterinarian or have produced fertile eggs as certified in a written statement by a licensed veterinarian or embryologist or have a calf at side.
  11. AICA requires that all animals be shown with a halter and suggests that all bulls be shown with a nose lead.
  12. All exhibits of Charolais Breeding Cattle shall be governed by the AICA by-laws, article XVIII, titled exhibition of animals. The inspection of exhibit cattle is specified in article XVIII, paragraph c, of the association by-laws and non-compliance of exhibit inspection is specified in paragraph d of the same article XVIII.
  13. Fans in each aisle must blow the same direction. Each aisle will blow opposite directions; direction will be designated by show officials. NO free standing, aisle fans or portable coolers are allowed.

ARTICLE XVIII, PARAGRAPH B, POINT 2: "Each animal will be presented in its natural conformation and structure without alteration or modification. Alteration or modification shall be defined to include any surgical, chemical, electrical or other change for cosmetic purpose, save only branding, tattooing, foot trimming or dehorning. The act of artificially filling animals internally, which would include stomach pumping, drench tubes or any other method per OS (by esophagus), is prohibited. Silicone injection or other injection for cosmetic purpose shall be prohibited. Anabolic steroid use shall likewise be prohibited and any animal testing positive for anabolic steroid or diuretic use shall be presumed to be altered and modified."

At any American-International Charolais Association (AICA) sanctioned show (including shows receiving AICA premium funding and/or qualifying as a Roll of Excellence Show), the use of a coloring agent, flock and powder is prohibited. Use of these products will result in the immediate disqualification of a given animal at such show.

*NOTE: Calf must be cow’s natural calf, not embryo transplant. Calf to be no more than 250 days of age by day of show. Calf must be purebred and registered with the AICA. No age restriction on cow. Calf not eligible to compete in individual calf classes if shown with dam. Pair is eligible for Grand or Reserve Grand Champion Female. Cow and/or Calf may be included in group class entries as individual, not as a pair comprising a single animal unit.

***Class 01- Special Cow/Calf Class: Animals exhibited in this class may not be entered or exhibited in any other class. However, the calf may be entered in the open show with correct entry and entry fee. This is a Jackpot event within each breed. An entry fee of $25.00 per pair will be charged and 80% of the entry fee will be paid back in each breed. 1st, 40%; 2nd, 30%; 3rd, 20%; 4th, 10%. The other 20% will be used as pen fee. There will be two classes per breed. Classes to be divided after animals are checked in at the Superintendent’s office. Animals may be clipped and groomed. Cattle will be housed in the Livestock Annex.

Premium Points

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Grand Reserve
Points Awarded
Per Placing
50 40 30 20 10 100 75
Lowest Possible
$42.00 $33.60 $25.20 $16.80 $8.40 $84.00 $63.00


Division 1102 - Classes


Charolais - Special Cow/Calf Class **See details in Breed Rules


Charolais - Spring Heifer Calves, born after Mar 1, current year


Charolais - Junior Heifer Calves, born Jan 1 to Feb 28, current year


Charolais - Winter Heifer Calves, born Nov 1 to Dec 31, prior year


Charolais - Senior Heifer Calves, born Sept 1 to Oct 31, prior year


Charolais - Late Summer Yearling Female, born 7/1 to 8/31, prior year


Charolais - Summer Yearling Female, born May 1 to June 30, prior year


Charolais - Late Spring Yearling Females, born 4/1 to 4/30, prior year


Charolais - Early Spring Yearling Females, Mar 1 to Mar 31, prior year


Charolais - Junior Yearling Female, born Jan 1 to Feb 29, prior year


Charolais - Senior Yearling Female, born Sept 1 to Dec 31 2016


Charolais - Cow/Calf Class


Charolais - Spring Bull Calves, born after Mar 1, current year


Charolais - Junior Bull Calves, born Jan 1 to Feb 28, current year


Charolais - Winter Bull Calves, born Nov 1 to Dec 31, prior year


Charolais - Senior Bull Calves, born Sept 1 to Oct 31, prior year


Charolais - Late Summer Yearling Bulls, born 7/1 to 8/31, prior year


Charolais - Summer Yearling Bulls, born May 1 to June 30, prior year


Charolais - Spring Yearling Bulls, born Mar 1 to Apr 30, prior year


Charolais - Junior Yearling Bulls, Jan 1 to Feb 29, prior year


Charolais - Senior Yearling Bulls, born Sept 1 to Dec 31, 2016


Charolais - Summer Senior Yearling Bulls, born May 1 to Aug 31, 2016


Charolais - Two Yr Old Bulls, born Jan 1 to April 30, 2016


Charolais - Produce of Dam: 2 animals, either sex, from 1 dam shown in individual classes. May be owned by more than one exhibitor.


Charolais - Junior Get of Sire: 3 animals by 1 sire; both sexes to be represented and shown in individual classes. May be owned by more than one exhibitor.


Charolais - Get of Sire: 3 animals by 1 sire, both sexes to be represented and shown in individual classes. This get must have a minimum of 2 animals born before Sept 1, 2017.


Charolais - Breeders Herd: 4 animals, either sex, bred and owned by exhibitor. All animals must be shown in individual classes.


Charolais - Group of 5 Head: either sex owned by exhibitor from Calf, Junior, Senior Classes or a combination of.

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