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Explore Kansas Festival Application

Thanks for your interest! We are excited to announce the interest for the Kansas State Fair’s first-ever Explore Kansas Festival — slated for Sept. 7-8, 2019 — has been astounding. We have more than 22 applicants — filling up our tent! These applicants come from all across Kansas — giving our state fair attendees a widespread look at what our state has to offer.

We still have a few more spaces available in our second tent. This tent, however, is not guaranteed unless we receive enough interest. Deadline for this space is Monday, June 10.

The Explore Kansas Festival at the Kansas State Fair is a way to educate our fairgoers about the things our state has to offer. The two-day showcase brings together communities and attractions from all across the state, creating a place for the public to discover Kansas treasures.

We see the Kansas State Fair as an important mouthpiece for Kansas Tourism. The Explore Kansas Festival can help visitors find unique cafes, fishing holes, hiking trails, next summer’s vacation spot, historic sites, natural landmarks, museums, performing centers, arts and culture and events — or even a new place to call home.

Our opening weekend of the Kansas State Fair draws between 80,0000 to 100,000 visitors, allowing you to get boosted exposure.

The details:
  • The Explore Kansas Festival will take place Sept. 7-8 in Gottschalk Park on the fairgrounds.
  • Exhibit space will be under large tents.
  • Cost to exhibit is $200 per space. Space is roughly a 10 by 8 foot area.
  • Additional space can be purchased.
  • Each exhibit area must be fun, informative and interactive – going beyond the traditional booth space and handing out brochures. Each area should be unique and inform Kansans about our rich heritage, beauty and events. For instance, communities can have games, reenactors and activities specific to their heritage.
  • A nearby gazebo will allow your community to showcase talent and presentations.
  • Other community presentations and entertainment can be placed on the fair's other free stages. There is no cost to be part of our free stage lineup. These stages are separate from the Explore Kansas Festival.
  • We are not allowing merchandise selling, but there will be opportunities for members to sell through the Land of Kansas booth in the Pride of Kansas building.
  • Application deadline for the Explore Kansas Festival is June 10, 2019.

Please note a completed application submitted to the Fair does not guarantee an offer of exhibit space. Exhibit space is limited. Applications will be chosen based on creativity and the order in which they are received.

Applications will be reviewed by the Kansas State Fair Marketing Department. For more information, or if you have questions, call Marketing Director Amy Bickel at 620-669-3624 or email her at amy.bickel@ks.gov.

2019 Explore Kansas Festival

This application does not denote an offer for space. This is NOT A CONTRACT. Do not send money with application.

I agree to the terms and conditions
Number of Booth Spaces needed Booth spaces are 10 by 8

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