Violation of Rules
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Violation of Rules

Any exhibitor not complying with Kansas State Fair rules, regulations, and requirements, may be denied entry, participation and facility usage. The Department Superintendent is responsible for enforcement of any rule, regulation or requirement that is designed to present a quality, legal, publicly safe and acceptable, traditional show in keeping with acceptable Fair exhibiting practices. Industry (IAFE), association, and breed practices will also be part of the Kansas State Fair requirements. In the event of an apparent violation, the Superintendent will immediately notify the Competitive Exhibits Department of the situation, and an assessment will be conducted to insure a decision will ultimately be made in the best interest of the Kansas State Fair. It will be the General Manager's responsibility to advise and approve the decision made by the Competitive Exhibits Department. Should the exhibitor choose to contest the decision of the General Manager, a protest may be submitted to the State Fair Board through the procedure outlined above.
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