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All medication administered during all livestock and equine shows must be administered with the approval of the KDA Vets on staff of KSF. If drugs are used by an approved veterinarian to treat a recognized disease in market animals, the withdrawal times listed by the drug manufacturer will be strictly followed. The exhibitor specifically represents that no animal entered by him / her is unethically fitted, and that the breeding, age and milking status is correctly stated. All livestock and equine exhibitors will be required to have digital signatures on each entry stating that the animal was not unethically fitted.

All junior market and breeding animal entry is done online, exhibitor and / or parent agree with general rules by an electronic signature. Any medication given at the fair by the KSF vet needs to be documented. If the medication is considered performance enhancing, the show manager will dismiss the animal from showing. Extension agents or FFA reps will validate entries.

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