Unethically Fitted Livestock
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Unethically Fitted Livestock

The showing of unethically fitted livestock, the showing of livestock of any ineligible age for exhibition in the class entered, or the misrepresentation of breeding or milking status is prohibited. Unethical fitting will be deemed to consist of changing the normal conformation of any part of an animal’s body or any drug or medication, including over the counter and/or extra-label, or mechanical devices to alter the physical makeup and/or performance of the animal. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Animals that are in milk due to an unnaturally induced lactation.
  2. Balancing the udder by any means other than leaving naturally produced milk in any or all quarters.
  3. Treating or massaging any part of the animal’s body, internally or externally, with an irritant, counter irritant, or other substance to alter conformation.
  4. Minimizing the effects of cramping by feeding or injecting drugs and depressants or applying packs or using any artificial contrivance or therapeutic treatment except normal exercise.
  5. Blocking the nerves to prevent limping or switching of the tail.
  6. Striking the animal to cause swelling in a depressed area.
  7. Surgery or other practices performed to change the natural contour or appearance of an animal's body, hide, or hair, except the removal of warts or horns, and the permitted clipping and dressing of hair and trimming of hooves.
  8. Insertion of foreign material under the skin; tissue manipulation.
  9. Changing the color of hair at any point, spot or area on an animal's body. Any grooming material that allows color to come off from any animal will not be allowed at the show.
  10. The act of artificially filling animals internally.
  11. The use of alcoholic or carbonated beverages in the feed or administered as a drench.
  12. The use of diuretics.
  13. Ethical use of wholesome and reasonable animal husbandry practices such as electrolyte drench in hot weather, may be exercised provided permission is granted in advance by Show management. Even if the source of the unethical fitting is unknown, the Kansas State Fair shall be entitled to disqualify the entry.
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