Statement of Animal Care
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Statement of Animal Care

The Kansas State Fair is the showplace for animal agriculture for the state. All animals and livestock shown, housed, or displayed shall receive care that is consistent with accepted animal husbandry practices, and the rules and regulations set by the State Fair Board. Professional veterinary service will be available as needed by contacting the KSF Competitive Exhibits Director. Animals experiencing illness, injury, or discomfort should be properly treated. Exhibits shall reflect the care and concern that Kansans have for livestock, poultry, companion animals, and wildlife. All owners or persons in charge of property or livestock will care for, guard, protect, and preserve, as Kansas State Fair does not undertake to do so, and will not be held responsible for any loss, shrinkage, or damage to said property or livestock of the owners or exhibitors. The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to move animals in an emergency situation.

VETERINARY: All medication administered during all livestock and equine shows must be administered with the approval of the KDA State veterinarian on staff of KSF. If drugs are used by an official show veterinarian to treat a recognized disease in market animals, the withdrawal times listed by the drug manufacturer will be strictly followed. If a drug is used on a breeding animal, if the drug is considered to be performance enhancing, the animal treated shall be dismissed from exhibiting. The exhibitor specifically represents that no animal entered by him / her is unethically fitted, and that the breeding, age and milking status is correctly stated. All livestock and equine exhibitors will be required to have digital signatures on each entry stating that the animal was not unethically fitted.

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