Stalling Information
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Stalling Information

STALL INFORMATION & STALL FEES: (pricing reflects entries prior to August 15 deadline)

Stalls - dismantling or tampering with any stall panels or pens is prohibited due to safety concerns and may jeopardize exhibitor participation at the Kansas State Fair. Stall fees must be paid prior to entry deadline or a late fee will be applied.

Beef Cattle (included with entry fee) $40.00 per head (1 inside fitting chute per 8 head entered)

Sheep (Limit two Sr. or four Jr. per pen) $ 8.00 per pen

Swine $ 8.00 per pen

Cow/Calf Class (Included with entry fee) $25.00 per pair

Goats (Limit two Sr. or four Jr. per pen) $ 8.00 per pen

Miniature Horses $30.00 per stall

Working Equitation $30.00 per stall

Draft Horse $45.00 per stall

Mustang Challenge - Youth Sponsored by BLM per stall

Llama (Limit three animals per pen) $15.00 per stall

All Other Horses $15.00 per stall per day

***Jump-out fee for horses not stalled is $5.00 each horse per day - payment must be included with Horse Stall Reservation Form.

  1. Stalls are limited to one horse or two miniature horses or one mare with colt at side. Any other stall arrangement needs to first be approved by the Stalling Superintendent.
  2. Breeds are assigned to barns by Kansas State Fair staff according to barn clean-up and preparation schedule.
  3. All stalls rented the day of the show will need to be paid at that time to Stalling Superintendent.
  4. Exhibitors requesting to be stalled near each other should indicate such when completing their online reservation.
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