Residue Avoidance
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Residue Avoidance


The use of drugs of other substances in any manner other than in accord with the labeling approved by FDA is a violation of federal law. Exhibitor and exhibitor’s parents and/or legal guardians agree that: (1) they are absolutely and completely responsible persons for the care and custody of their animals; (2)the Kansas State Fair shall be entitled to disqualify any exhibitor whose animal has a positive drug test, even if the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s parents and/or guardians are innocent of any wrongdoing and did not administer the drug; (3) the drug test results of the testing laboratories are final and binding upon the exhibitor and the exhibitor’s parents and/or legal guardians. Even if the source of the drug is unknown, the Kansas State Fair shall be entitled to disqualify the exhibitor.

Animals selected for drug testing will be tested under the terms of the Kansas State Fair Exhibition Livestock Testing Policies and Procedures. During the collection procedure, the exhibitor and designated responsible adult must be present at all times unless a substitute exhibitor is approved by the Superintendent. Following the collection, the exhibitor AND parent / guardian / responsible adult MUST sign the Kansas State Fair Drug Use Notification and Test Sample Collection form. Exhibitors found in violation of this rule may be subject to disqualification. If an exhibitor is disqualified due to a positive test result for an unapproved drug, the KSF Board reserves the right to ban future entry.

Unapproved Drug Use: The showing of any animal that has been administered, or upon harvest or testing, is determined any quantity of any unapproved drug, chemical or medication, is strictly prohibited. Such drugs include, but are not limited to any diuretic, unapproved growth stimulant or any other unapproved medication. Unapproved means not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and / or the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for animals to be harvested, including animals that may be destined for human consumption.

Approved Drug Use: The health and welfare of all exhibition livestock is the utmost priority. All approved drugs must be administered by or under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian acting within a valid client-patient relationship. Detailed treatment records from the veterinarian, including date of administration and dosage must be made available to show staff. The exhibitor must declare drugs have been administered. All withdrawal times must be met for all market animals.

SECURITY: All exhibitors are responsible for security of their own animal(s). All exhibitors agree to submit any animal, breeding and/or market, entered by him/her to inspection by any veterinarian appointed by the Kansas State Fair and agree to have animal submitted to tests as may be requested at any time. Kansas State Fair also reserves the right to have ultrasound, DNA, blood, tissue and/or urine laboratory analysis made on any animal entered for competition.

VETERINARY: All medication administered during all livestock and equine shows must be administered with the approval of the KSF veterinarian. If drugs are used by an official show veterinarian to treat a recognized disease in market animals, the withdrawal times listed by the drug manufacturer will be strictly followed. The exhibitor specifically represents that no animal entered by him / her is unethically fitted, and that the breeding, age and milking status is correctly stated. All livestock and equine exhibitors will be required to have digital signatures on each entry stating that the animal was not unethically fitted.

All junior market and breeding animal entry is done online, exhibitor and / or parent agree with general rules by an electronic signature. Extension agents or FFA reps will validate entries.

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