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PROTEST: Official protests must be submitted to the General Manager in writing, signed and accompanied by $350 cash or certified check, which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. The protest must state plainly the cause of complaint and must be delivered immediately upon the occasion for such protest. The General Manager will provide the protest to the Kansas State Fair Board or its designee(s). The Fair Board or its designee(s) will consider no protest made upon the statement that the judge or judges or KSF Staff are incompetent or have overlooked an entry. The Kansas State Fair Board or designee(s) shall only consider a protest filed by a participant entered in the same department as the participant that is the subject of the protest. Judging procedures will not be interrupted for protest investigations; and depending on the basis of the protest, a decision may be withheld until a complete investigation is completed. The Fair Board or designee(s) will consider protests as speedily as possible and their decision in the matter shall be final. If deemed necessary, the Fair Board or its designee(s) may conduct interviews and / or an informational hearing to gather official statements from the individual who filed the protest, the individual against whom the protest was filed, the show superintendent and any other individual who may provide pertinent factual information.
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