Premium Award Payments
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Premium Award Payments

PREMIUM AWARD PAYMENTS: The Kansas State Fair does not guarantee premium money, merchandise prizes or special awards, except for those offered by the State Fair. Because the State Fair Board is without constitutional or legal authority to borrow money for its operation, it reserves the right to pro-rate premium money because of a lack of funds. When entering online, the process includes W-9 information. Premium payments will not be made without a completed W-9 form. Checks will not be processed until this form is completed and returned to the Administration Office. Premium checks in all departments will be paid as soon as possible after the Fair closes. Identification is required to pick up premium checks. If prior written authorization is provided, you may pick up another individual's exhibit; however, premium checks may only be picked up by the winning exhibitor. The Kansas State Fair is required to report all payments to the Internal Revenue Service.

The Kansas State Fair judging sheets are the final results, from which all relative decisions and reports are based. This record will stand as official. Any discrepancies in the amount of a premium check must be called to the attention of The Kansas State Fair Competitive Exhibits Department by November 15. No claims for error after that date can be honored. The last day for checks to be picked up or claimed is November 15. If you do not claim your check by the date stated, a $10.00 fee will be applied for a check to be reissued. Premium checks must be cashed by March 15 to insure payment. Checks not cashed within this time will not be re-issued.

PRIZES & AWARDS: Ribbons and trophies will be presented to exhibitors at release time. The Fair will not be responsible for loss or damage. Duplicates may not be issued. The superintendent is required to see that exhibitors have no communication with the judge engaged in making awards, except when called upon for information relating to their exhibits. When entry is not worthy of first place, judges may, at their discretion, award a prize or prizes as they see fit for the entry. There must be more than one exhibitor showing in a class to pay more than one placing in premiums.

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