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Kansas State Fair no longer prints a hard copy exhibitor handbook. Paper copies of sections are available at the KSF Administration Office from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. To meet entry deadlines and avoid entry errors, livestock exhibitors are required to submit entries online at www.kansasstatefair.com.

All exhibitors will be charged a $1.00 handling fee to enter. This is a per exhibitor fee not per entry. Payment for online entries must be processed using a Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card. NO entry is finalized until payment is made in full. An entry is not complete until receipt of full payment is received by the Kansas State Fair. This includes payments for the purchase of advance discounted gate tickets. Tickets must be paid for in full by the July 15th or Aug 15th deadline in order to receive advance tickets at discounted price. The Kansas State Fair observes a “No Refund” policy.

All livestock entries are done online. An electronic signature is required for validated entries.

All entries must be made by the owner or a person authorized to act for the owner. Additional forms will be provided by the State Fair upon request. Except for beef, sheep, swine, and meat goats, 4-H entries are to be made through the local extension office. 4-H members who wish to enter in open classes must complete an online entry and pay open class and stalling fees.

Original copies of all registration papers are to be made available upon arrival. If required, exhibitors must furnish satisfactory evidence that breeding stock is what the term implies. Premiums will be withheld if satisfactory proof is not furnished concerning pedigree, or in the event of any misrepresentation.

ERRONEOUS ENTRIES: At the discretion of the Kansas State Fair management, exhibits that have been erroneously entered may be transferred to the proper classes prior to judging. Kansas State Fair management will decide the disposition of each case of erroneous entry.

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