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Tent camping is not allowed on Fairgrounds property (inside the fenced area of the Fairgrounds) per Kansas Administrative Regulation, K.A.R. 116-4-2. Camping with cots or sleeping bags in front of or around livestock facilities is not allowed. RV Camping with electrical hookup, water and sewer may be available in the Kansas State Fair RV Park. Reservations are accepted for those staying twelve days at a fee of $500.00. Please call (800) 362-3247 or visit and click on the Facility Rentals tab located top of our home page for additional information. Livestock electrical spaces in the purple lot (behind Prairie Pavilion) are open for reservation on April 1 each year for the following year's fair. Additional electrical is available to Equine exhibitors first for the tan lot (by Expo Center) starting on April 1. If space is still available, KSF will open these up to livestock exhibitors closer to the fair.
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