Mustang Trainer Angeline S
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Mustang Trainer Angeline S

My name is Angeline. This is my 2nd year as a trainer in the Wild Horse Youth Challenge program and I will be participating in the 15-18 age group. I have worked with horses for approx. 9 years, training each of my own horses. I have three Mustangs at home and have competed in the Extreme Cowboy Association, the Ultimate Horsemen’s Challenge Association and 4-H events for the last seven years. My Mustang Samson and I hold numerous 4H titles, 4 UHCA Overall Championship Titles, 6 EXCA State Championship Titles, 5 EXCA Regional Championship Titles, 1 EXCA National Title and 3 EXCA World Championship Titles, including the 2021 Youth World Champion and the 2022 Regional Pro Champion. I was the first and youngest rider to compete in the Futurity division of the Extreme Cowboy Association world championships. Last year I placed 4th against National and International trainers. In 2017 I was invited and sponsored to compete in the European Championships in Lyon, France. While there I served as an international ambassador giving multiple interviews to television, magazines, newspapers and radio educating Europeans on the Mustang breed.
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