Clothing & Textiles Criteria
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Clothing & Textiles Criteria

To better assist you in what our judges are looking for, we have provided our judging sheets showing the criteria for many of our contests. If you do not see something listed, please check back as we are constantly updating our information. *Current points for criteria is subject to change.

Here are some basic evaluation:
  1. Eye Appeal : is it pleasing to the eye?
  2. Appropriate thread selection (and/or combination).
  3. Size : skimpy or packed)
  4. Color : does it enhance the piece?
  5. Evenness of work: is it smmetrical? balance of dense vs. open area
  6. Neatness: no loose ends or obvious knots
  7. Cleanliness
  8. Finishing: not obvious, with no extra "knots"
  9. Presentation: if stiffened, is it appropriate? if framed, does it compliment or enhance the work? if attached, is it in a neat appropriate manner?

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