For numerous reasons, Kansas State Fair will only be accepting online entries in our Competitions Departments, effective immediately. If you should need assistance for any reason, please contact our office at 620-669-3600. You may also email us at . Our goal is to make this transition process as easy as possible.


Kansas State Fair General Rules must be followed by ALL exhibitors in addition to any department, division and class rules listed.


******RULES # 1 - 7 ARE NEW
  1. DEADLINE DATES: All exhibitors are required to submit their entries online by deadline dates. Online assistance is available during regular business hours only. (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm) All entries are due by midnight, August 25.
  2. REQUIRED EXHIBITOR FEES: ALL exhibitors are required to pay a $1 processing fee as well as a $ 1.00 per entry fee. The entry fees collected are used to assist in premiums paid out.
  3. LATE ENTRIES: Entries will still be accepted after the deadline but will follow these rules: All entries past their deadline will need to be registered online. Late fees will apply. Our late fees no longer reflect per exhibit but per exhibitor.
  4. LIMITS: An exhibitor can only enter 1 item per class unless class rules specify differently.
  5. Exhibitors will have up to 15 minutes to arrange, display or touch up their exhibit upon arrival, but prior to check in. Exhibits cannot be prepared or assembled on-site unless it is a "real time" contest and it is stated in the rules. Superintendent has the right to disqualify an entry or exhibit if anyone other than the exhibitor has prepared it. ALL WORK MUST BE THAT OF THE EXHIBITOR.
  6. Receiving times have changed see Delivery Release Schedule for times. Special contests will have times listed under that section in handbook.
  7. Displayed items are limited - KSF reserves the right to only display what room allows. Those that are not displayed can be picked up at designated pick up times. Note: 1st through 3rd will be displayed any other placing will be displayed if room allows.
  8. Any item that does not meet Kansas State Fair requirements will not be accepted. If an item is accepted in oversight, it may later be disqualified and/or not judged or displayed.
  9. Recipes are required for all categories unless otherwise noted. Exceptions are Decorated Cake and Canned Vegetables nor Dried Foods, which do not require recipes. Recipes for baked goods must be typed on a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper with name, address, and phone number in the bottom left corner (this will be hidden from the judge). Do not submit these on an index card or you will be disqualified. Index cards will only be accepted if specified in specific contest rules. EXCEPTION TO RULE #9 - Recipes and proof of purchase can be uploaded onto exhibitor's online entry as a PDF or an image anytime after entry up to Sept 1. After this time, exhibitors will have to bring the documents to check in. Follow any and all additional rules outlined for contests including using sponsors name in the recipe. Should proof of purchase be required, please provide information (product label, register receipt, UPC code, etc.) either online or to the clerk at receiving time. *DO NOT attach this information to the recipe. Youth Divisions along with some Special Contests, also require youth age on the recipe. Refer to division rules.
  10. Entries & recipes become the property of the Kansas State Fair and/or Sponsor and are subject to news media coverage, online exposure, and editing, etc.
  11. Baked goods and other special contest entries will (at the discretion of the Foods Dept. staff and judges) be put into the bake sale or offered to those attending the contest judging. If you would like to buy back your entry during our bake sale, notification must be given to our staff at time of check-in. KSF will only hold item for 30 minutes, at the beginning of the sale, before it is made available to the public for purchase.
  12. No commercial mixes nor commercial pre-made products are allowed unless noted for a specific class.
  13. To ensure food safety, entries that are not immediately judged should not contain uncooked cream cheese, sour cream, whipping cream, eggs, or custard fillings.
  14. Alcohol will only be allowed as an ingredient used in a recipe if it is cooked or baked into a product.
  15. Alcohol will not be allowed in any product entered into a youth class and/or prepared by an individual under 21.
  16. All baked items are to be entered on a "white" sturdy, but disposable plate. Paper and plastic plates should be of a size to properly show the entry (neither too large or too small and of an appropriate shape). Heavy corrugated cardboard can be cut to be 1" larger than the entry and cardboard must be covered with food-grade material. No plastic or loose wrap. Product must be in a "single bag". Use a turkey roasting bag for large exhibits. Use of a disposable pie pan is recommended for our pie contest. Kansas State Fair, its employees or volunteers will not be held responsible for damaged or lost property should non-disposable pans be used. Non-Disposable pie pans may be collected shortly after the contest or at a later time.
  17. Any exhibit that becomes unsightly will be removed from display but the ribbon will remain.
  18. The Kansas State Fair reserves the right to cancel any class or placing if the entries are insufficient to secure adequate competition or an award is not merited.
  19. All entries must be safe for consumption. If refrigeration is needed, bring an ice chest with ice packs. Chest may be picked up after product is judged. Refrigerators are available but space is very limited.
  20. ALL products must be checked-in "completed", unless product is for a Special Contest. (see rules for Special Contests). Participants will have no access to their products once they have been received by the State Fair staff.

Shipping charges on all exhibits must be prepaid. Packages should be addressed to: Kansas State Fair, ATTN: Foods Department, 2000 N. Poplar, Hutchinson, KS 67502 and should arrive between August 15th - 30th, no earlier/later. A copy of your entry form/registration should also be included in your package with your pre-registered items. Please make sure all items are labeled in a manner that can be removed before judging (a note attached by a rubber band, twist tie, masking tape, safety pin, etc.)

ITEMS WILL NOT BE RETURNED. - they will either be placed in the food sale or disposed of after pick up times are over.

Size Requirements for all classes (if applicable)
  • All biscuits, rolls, muffins, and candies are to be submitted in quantities of (6) six, unless otherwise stated
  • Any class with (*) may be any size or shape
  • Bread loaves can be baked in 9" x 5" x 3" pan or 8" x 4" x 3" pan, unless otherwise stated
  • Cookies MUST be submitted by the dozen. Bring (12) twelve cookies, equally sized *Exception, Governor's Cookie Jar Contest. Follow specific contest rules.
  • Cakes must be entered whole, uncut and edges intact

Helpful Tips
  • Always try to produce uniform looking items
  • Unless entering a contest where creativity is most important, choose a recipe and shape which is typical of the class
  • Please check each contest entered for eligibility requirements i.e.; age requirement, proof of purchase, or if not eligible to compete because of a waiting period (due to consecutive wins)
  • When entering a Special Contest, be sure to use the Sponsor's product name in your ingredient list (ie.;King Arthur Flour, Curley's BBQ Sauce)

Food Sales
  • Perishable food entries will be sold after judging is complete and a portion removed for display purposes. Items will be for sale in the northeast corner of the Domestic Arts Building each day of judging. Proceeds will be used to enhance the Foods Dept. **Food sales will be held during specified bake sale hours. Early sales will not be allowed nor will we put items on hold. Exhibitor will be given first opportunity to purchase back their item. *If interested in a buyback, notify KSF staff at check-in. For specific times, refer to schedule posted in our Foods Dept. during the fair.

**Sweepstakes Winners - determined from the individual who has won the most 1st place ribbons within the division.

**Division Champion - selected from the 1st place winners within the division.

To see the rules and classes offered in FOODS, click on a DIVISION below.


Thank You to our Sponsors:

  • Anchor Inn/Anchor Away - Hutchinson
  • Brew 56 - Lyons
  • Cake Stuff - Wichita
  • Dillons Food Stores - Hutchinson
  • Garden Complements - N. Kansas City, MO
  • Grain Craft - McPherson
  • Kansas Dairy Assoc. - Manhattan
  • Kansas Honey Producers Assoc. - Olathe
  • Kansas Wheat Comm. - Manhattan
  • Kansas Soybean Comm. - Topeka
  • King Arthur Flour - Norwich, VT
  • Robert Schirer - Lyons
  • Stafford Flour Mills - Hudson
  • The Bread Basket - Newton
  • The Hickory Stik - Hutchinson

**If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the department Superintendent or phone our Competitive Exhibits Dept. @ 620-669-3600

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