For numerous reasons, Kansas State Fair will only be accepting online entries in our Competitions Departments, effective immediately. If you should need assistance for any reason, please contact our office at 620-669-3600. You may also email us at ksf.competitions@ks.gov . Our goal is to make this transition process as easy as possible.


Kansas State Fair General Rules must be followed by ALL exhibitors in addition to any department, division and class rules listed.


******RULES # 1 - 7 ARE NEW
  1. DEADLINE DATES: All exhibitors are required to submit their entries online by deadline date of JULY 25. Online assistance is available during regular business hours only. (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  2. REQUIRED EXHIBITOR FEES: ALL exhibitors are required to pay a $1.00 processing fee as well as a $1.00 per entry fee. The entry fees collected are used to assist in premiums paid out.
  3. LATE ENTRIES: Entries will still be accepted after the deadline but will follow these rules: All entries past their deadline will need to be registered online. Late fees will apply. Our late fees no longer reflect per exhibit but per exhibitor.
  4. LIMITS: An exhibitor can enter one item in any one given class.
  5. Exhibitors will have up to 15 minutes to arrange, display or touch up their exhibit upon arrival, but prior to check in. Exhibits cannot be prepared or assembled on-site unless it is a "real time" contest and it is stated in the rules. Superintendent has the right to disqualify an entry or exhibit if anyone other than the exhibitor has prepared it. ALL WORK MUST BE THAT OF THE EXHIBITOR.
  6. Kansas State Fair will now recognize a 4th and 5th place winner in each class with a ribbon. Classes that offered only 1st place, will now extend to 2nd and 3rd. No premiums will be awarded for these additional placings unless specified.
  7. Displayed items are limited - KSF reserves the right to only display what room allows. Those that are not displayed can be picked up at designated pick up times. Only 1st through 3rd place will remain for display during fair.
  8. Any item that does not meet Kansas State Fair requirements will not be accepted. If an item is accepted in oversight, it may later be disqualified and/or not judged or displayed.
  9. During check-in, a Kansas State Fair staff member may question if you entered your item properly, but only if it is obvious that the item may not meet the class requirements. If an exhibitor is not sure if they have entered properly, they must ask a staff member for assistance BEFORE the item is checked in. This process can only be done during receiving hours and at the request of the exhibitor. If you question the class entered, and the superintendent can justify the error, it may be moved to the proper class. Once an item has been checked-in, it cannot be moved. Check-in finalizes your entry. Kansas State Fair does not allow any item substitutions.


  1. Plants must have been in possession of exhibitor at least (60) sixty days prior to the Fair. You must identify the plant or flowers, including type, at time of entry.
  2. Uncommon plants must be labeled.
  3. Cut flowers must have been grown by the exhibitor except where noted.
  4. Errors in naming will not disqualify, but judges will recognize correctness and accuracy of naming in consideration of an exhibit in a close competition.
  5. Exhibitors shall furnish all vases or other containers necessary for the proper staging of their exhibit.
  6. Collection consists of (5) five, unless otherwise specified.
  7. All cut flower and arrangement containers must be able to hold water and not leak.
  8. Juniors are participants 18 or under as of January 1, current year.


  • Cut your flowers in the late afternoon the day before they are to be exhibited. Place the flowers immediately in water that has been set out in the garden all day. Some stems seal over immediately after cutting so cut stem under water. Cutting should be done at about 4:00 pm since at that time there is the greatest amount of sugar in the leaves; unless it is extremely hot weather, at which time cutting in the early morning is optimum. Keep flowers in water, in a cool, dark place overnight.
  • To arrange, cut stems cleanly at an angle under water with a sharp knife and place in water-filled container. Cut stems as long as possible. All foliage that is below the water line should be removed. Foliage should be clean; any broken or disfigured foliage or petals should be removed, as foliage and stems as well as blooms count in judging. It is better to have more stem and foliage than too little. All stems should be in proportion to the water.

Grand Champion will be awarded $25 and Reserve Grand Champion a Gift Certificate. Both will also receive rosette.

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Monday, Sept 6 - 9 am to 5 pm

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Wednesday, Sept 15 - 8 am to 10 am

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