For numerous reasons, Kansas State Fair will only be accepting online entries in our Competitions Departments, effective immediately. If you should need assistance for any reason, please contact our office at 620-669-3600. You may also email us at . Our goal is to make this transition process as easy as possible.

Superintendent: Kathy Dunn (620) 200-0442

NOTE: Schedules for receiving, judging and pick up have changed. Please follow schedules and read rules. Any items that are late WILL NOT be received!

Kansas State Fair General Rules must be followed by ALL exhibitors in addition to any department, division and class rules listed.

ORIGINAL - Refers to “you” as the artist

AMATEUR - A person who gives their personal time in pursuit of making art. They do not sell their work regularly as a business.

DIGITAL GICELÉE PAINTING - Original Art is an original digital drawing or painting created by an artist using software such as Art Rage, Gimp, Photo Shop, Corel Painter, etc., with either a tablet and stylus or a mouse. This may be printed on a stretched canvas, a canvas board, or canvas paper which has been framed.

DIGITAL GICELÉE PAINTING OR GICELÉE REPRODUCTION OF ORIGINAL ART - Embellished is an original digital giclée painting, drawing, or reproduction of original art that has been printed on a canvas using digital devices which has been embellished using paint, brush strokes, varnish, etc., to add texture, dimensions, or interest. This may be printed on stretched canvas, canvas board, or canvas paper which has been framed.


  • ONLY entries placing a 1st - 3rd place will remain for display at the Kansas State Fair, exceptions noted in division rules. The rest will be available to pick up during designated times.

  • Each exhibitor must bring and leave their entry items in tubs/boxes/containers with the FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT until items are released or ready for pickup. Clearly mark each tub/box/container with exhibitor name and phone number.

******RULES # 1 - 7 ARE NEW
  1. DEADLINE DATES: All exhibitors are required to submit their entries online by deadline dates. Online assistance is available during regular business hours only. (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  2. REQUIRED EXHIBITOR FEES: ALL exhibitors are required to pay a $1 processing fee as well as a $1.00 per entry fee. The entry fees collected are used to assist in premiums paid out.
  3. LATE ENTRIES: Entries will still be accepted after the deadline but will follow these rules: All entries past their deadline will need to be registered online. Late fees will apply. Our late fees no longer reflect per exhibit but per exhibitor.
  4. LIMITS: An exhibitor can enter one item in any one given class
  5. Exhibits cannot be prepared or assembled on-site unless it is a "real time" contest and it is stated in the rules. Superintendent has the right to disqualify an entry or exhibit if anyone other than the exhibitor has prepared it. ALL WORK MUST BE THAT OF THE EXHIBITOR.
  6. Displayed items are limited - KSF reserves the right to only display what room allows. Those that are not displayed can be picked up at designated pick up times. 1st through 3rd place will remain on display during the fair. Some divisions will allow more placings to remain. See division rules for exceptions.
  7. Any item that does not meet Kansas State Fair requirements will not be accepted. If an item is accepted in oversight, it may later be disqualified and/or not judged or displayed.
  8. During check-in, a Kansas State Fair staff member may question if you entered your item properly, but only if it is obvious that the item may not meet the class requirements. If an exhibitor is not sure if they have entered properly, they must ask a staff member for assistance BEFORE the item is checked in. This process can only be done during receiving hours and at the request of the exhibitor. If you question the class entered, and the superintendent can justify the error, it may be moved to the proper class. Once an item has been checked-in, it cannot be moved. Check-in finalizes your entry. Kansas State Fair does not allow any item substitutions.
  9. Subject matter must be original and not copies. Entries must be the work of the exhibitor with work being done since the 2019 State Fair. **Exception, antique items. If an exhibit entered in any antique category wins, it cannot not be entered again for 3 years. On the 4th year from winning, this same item can be brought back to exhibit.
  10. Entries will not be judged in "Not Specified" if there is a class for that item.
  11. Each article in a collection or plural exhibit must show the exhibitor's name and class of competition.
  12. All drawings and artwork must be securely mounted with tabs for hanging. All Kreative Kids Individual Artwork entered will be stapled to a display board & must be mounted on construction paper or light weight poster board. Do not use expensive mats.
  13. Artwork in frames, on stretchers, or canvas must have wire or eyes for hanging. Do not use nailed on hangers or masking tape - Classes in Divisions 4.
  14. Our primary audience consists of family and youth. We reserve the right to reject any entry that may be considered objectionable by that audience.
  15. All exhibits will receive the best care and protection in their surroundings. They are at all times subject to owner's risk and in no event will Kansas State Fair staff be responsible for any damage that may occur. Delicately constructed items requiring more than normal careful handling should not be submitted. All exhibits will be displayed at the discretion of the Fine Arts Department.
IMPORTANT: For 2021 fair, work can be any that was started after September 2019 to receiving of 2021 due to no competition in 2020!


Shipping charges on all exhibits must be prepaid. Packages should be addressed to: Kansas State Fair, ATTN: Fine Arts Department, 2000 N. Poplar, Hutchinson, KS 67502 and MUST arrive 10 days before receiving deadline. A copy of your entry form/registration should also be included in your package with your pre-registered items. Please make sure all items are labeled in a manner that can be removed before judging (a note attached by a rubber band, twist tie, masking tape, safety pin, etc.)


Item(s) will be shipped back at the exhibitors request and expense after the fair and in its original packaging. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING POSTAGE STAMPS, PREPAID LABELS, CASH OR CHECKS FOR POSTAGE IN ADVANCE. EXHIBITOR MUST INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS FOR RETURNING WITH ORIGINAL SHIPMENT ALONG WITH A COPY OF YOUR REGISTRATION. We will phone you to obtain a credit card number for payment BEFORE items are returned. Packages will be returned U.S. Postal Service. We will not insure for any additional value unless requested by the exhibitor.

*Individuals who have entered into Artwork / Photography Classes, are also eligible to receive one of (4) Gift Certificates, valued at $50 each

To see the rules and classes offered in Fine Arts, click on a DIVISION below.



  • 2nd Street Gallery & Studio - Wichita
  • Pat & Glenn Biberstein - Hutchinson
  • Linn and Mary Blankinship - Wichita
  • Brigman Studio - Hutchinson
  • Christopher Britton & Steven Hawkins - Hutchinson
  • John & Karen Buser - Arlington
  • Chaney Family - Hutchinson
  • Delos V. Smith Senior Woodcarvers - Hutchinson
  • Deming Photo, Inc.- Hutchinson
  • Derby China Painters Club - Augusta
  • Double Bubble Dog Wash - Hutchinson
  • Dunn Family - Plevna
  • Flying Saucer China Club - Wichita
  • Frameography - Hutchinson
  • Great Plains Wood Carvers - Wichita
  • Duane Hanson - Wichita
  • Les Hastings - Wichita
  • Betty & Grant Hill - Hutchinson
  • Hiller Incorporated - Wichita
  • Hutchinson Antique & Collector's Club - Hutchinson
  • Hutchinson Breakfast Lions Club - Hutchinson
  • Kansas Association of Straw Artists - Wichita
  • Kansas Council Genealogical Society - Topeka
  • Kansas Federation of Porcelain Artists, Inc. - El Dorado
  • Kansas Wheat Commission - Manhattan
  • Kansas World Org of China Painters - Arkansas City
  • Kiwanis Club of Hutchinson - Hutchinson
  • Kuykendall Family - Wichita
  • MarkArts - Wichita
  • McPherson China Highlights - McPherson
  • Lora Meirowsky - El Dorado
  • Military Order of the Cootie & Auxiliary - Fort Dodge
  • Pilcher Family - Valley Center
  • Prairie Sunbonnett Doll Club - Hutchinson
  • Prairie Works Design Studios, Inc. - Moundridge
  • Reno Genealogical Society - Hutchinson
  • John Rhoads - Wichita
  • Bob & Pat Salter - Syracuse
  • Gene Smith - Great Bend
  • South Kansas Woodturners - Newton
  • Special Treasures Studio by Naomi Ullum - Hutchinson
  • Stutzman Refuse Disposal - South Hutchinson
  • Sunflower Woodworkers Guild - Wichita
  • Kindra McGuire Whiteman - Realtor, Plaza Astle -
  • Karen Wiley - Wichita
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