2021 Challenge of Champions Handbook
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2021 Challenge of Champions Handbook

LOCATION: Kansas Fairs Hall -

Encampment Building - 2:00 pm, Sunday, September 12, 2021

Nomination Forms Due August 15


Challenge of Champions, a program to recognize an outstanding Kansas 4-H or FFA oriented youth, is presented by Kansas Fairs & Festivals in partnership with the Kansas State Fair.

Additional Sponsors: Kansas Farm Management Assoication, Ninnescah Veterinary Service, Schmidt and Sons, Silveus Insurance Group and Yoder Meats

All entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Rules in addition to any department, division or class rules listed

INTENT: To recognize an outstanding Kansas 4-H or FFA oriented youth. Selection and nomination criteria are delegated to the County Fair Board but each contestant must be certified by their Extension Agent (4-H) or Agricultural Education Instructor (FFA).

One contestant can be entered by each county or consolidated county fair that is a current member of the Kansas Fairs & Festivals Association.


Counties beginning with : A - M

Counties beginning with : N - Z

  1. Contestants must be at least 16 years of age but not over 19 years of age as of January 1, current year.
  2. The Superintendents of the contest, in cooperation with the contest committee, will be in charge of the contest. They shall have the authority for the interpretation of the policies.
  3. Participants that finish in first place or second place in the Challenge of Champions contest will not be eligible to compete in future contests.
  4. The contestants will be furnished with placing cards and any other necessary forms. No contestant will be allowed to have books, notes, pamphlets, phones, or electronic devices during the contest.
  5. While contest is in session there shall be NO COMMUNICATION among contestants or anyone other than the group leader.

Format of Contest and Point Value:

1. Written test with 25 questions concerning total agricultural/livestock industry (50 points)

2. Identification of 10 pieces of livestock equipment (40 points)

3. Identification of 25 breeds of beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, hogs, goats, & horses (50 points)

4. Identification of 10 feed concentrate and/or roughage (40 points)

5. Identification of 10 retail cuts of meat (40 points)

6. Identification of 10 common crops (either plant or seed) (20 points)

7. Identification of 10 common weeds (plant only) (20 points)

8. Identification of 5 common agronomic items including deficiency symptoms, fertilizers, inoculants, ag lime, soil probes, etc. (10 points)

9. Written test with 25 questions on farm equipment (50 points)

10. Written test with 25 questions on farm management (50 points)

11. Written test with 25 questions on general agriculture (50 points)

12. Ag Mechanics - Identification of tractor parts (40 points)

13. Five minute, impromptu presentation on agricultural subject provided (50 points)

Total 510 points

The overall individual ranking shall be determined by the total of each contestant’s points earned from the contest.


*To be paid directly from sponsor, Kansas Fairs & Festivals Association

After the winners have been certified by the General Manager, Kansas State Fair, The Kansas Fairs & Festivals Association will award a $2,250 scholarship to the top two individuals, provided: 1)The nominating County Fair is an active member in good standing of the Kansas Fairs & Festivals Association and 2)The student is enrolled as a full-time student (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester or equivalent) in an accredited post secondary college, university or vocational school within Kansas, and maintains a GPA of 3.0 or above.

The top two individuals who meet the aforementioned requirements will receive a one-time award of $250.00 each once they have provided proof of enrollment in an institution of higher learning to the Executive Director, Kansas Fairs & Festivals Association. They will then be awarded a check for $500.00 for the next 4 semesters provided they meet the requirements listed above.

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