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  • Lorraine-Dietrich (Rock)
  • Final Thoughts (Metal)
  • Room 347 (Rock)
  • The Other Guys Band (Classic Rock)
  • Sister Sarah Tree (Rock)


"Lorraine-Dietrich is a young progressive rock band from Kansas City. The band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Peter Grebenyuk in 2018. Their debut album “Devotion” was released on October 29th 2021 with bassist Nathan Reid. The current lineup consists of Peter, bassist Logan Fancolly and drummer Alex Brezik. The first single they released together was “Hard To Be Alone” on March 25th 2022. The band intends to release their second album towards the end of 2022."

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts is a powerful mix of heavy metalcore breakdowns, metal style guitar solos and melodic vocals. They are a 3-piece Metal band based out of Winfield Ks.

Band Members:

Spencer (vocals/bass) Tavener (vocals/guitar) Tim (drums.)

Room 347

Room 347 is a band that has its roots grounded in playing music for more than just entertainment. Their gritty, blues-influenced sound hits home to a crowd that is pleased to see real people perform real music. They have been playing shows throughout all of Kansas in front of thousands of people and have gained a small following that keeps on growing. Fans are drawn to the band’s rhythmically driven instrumentals that are interlaced with thought provoking lyrics. The name of the band itself is a testament to the subtle element of throwback present in the band’s music. “Room 347” is a reference to an old episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” That acknowledgement of mid-20th century culture is present in Room 347 music as well.

The Other Guys Band

Just five guys doing our part to keep the spirit of classic rock alive while having some fun in the process.

Meet The Band:

Colton Gartleman- Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

Jake Malec- Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Organ/Piano, Backing Vocals

Brent Staub- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar

Dale Cheatum- Bass, Backing Vocals

Danny Cheatum- Drums

Sister Sarah Tree

Sister Sarah Tree was formed in 2016 by Will Simmer and Jerod Corbus who met in the gym. Originally starting as an acoustic project, subsequently grew into writing and recording original music. The love of playing music then resulted in a full live band. With new member, drummer and percussionist, Gary Clifton, the band started performing every place they could. Playing a huge variety of cover material ranging from Johnny Cash to Shinedown, with fiery, blues-oriented rock originals, the trio was moving forward and having a blast doing so.

In late 2019, the trio was playing a show in Wichita, and Jennifer Byers was in the audience. She was brought up on stage, and not knowing who she was or her ability, the band quickly discovered she could sing! At that point, they knew they had to add her to the band.

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