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The Foundation and the Fair: Working to create unforgettable memories and traditions you only experience at the Kansas State Fair.

The Kansas State Fair's Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation helps thousands of State Fair fans like you show their support of the annual September event and Fairgrounds.

Created in 2003, the Foundation's mission is to beautify, improve and preserve the Kansas State Fair and Fairgrounds. As the Fair's fundraising arm, our board is committed to helping the Fair thrive as a place to "Celebrate All Things Kansas."

Our Projects

We Need Your Help!

Without a 2020 Kansas State Fair, we are facing unique and unparalleled challenges.

This is no different than every business and organization enduring this crisis. Our year-round, full-time staff remains committed to all that they can do to create the longstanding tradition and celebration in 2021 that Fair fans have come to expect.

But to do so, we need your help.

Many people don't realize that the Kansas State Fair doesn't receive state general fund dollars. It relies on the income it makes on gate admission, concert tickets, building rentals, food and beverage sales and vendor fees.

Also, it takes support from our great Fair fans to keep the Kansas State Fair vital.

That’s where the Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation comes into play. The foundation, a 501c3, is dedicated to enriching the unforgettable moments and traditions you experience only at the Kansas State Fair. As the Fair's fundraising arm, the Foundation is committed to helping the Fair thrive as a place to "Celebrate All Things Kansas."

Your donation is always appreciated, but without the revenue generated during the 2020 Fair, your contribution this year is even more helpful. Your gift, large or small, will help secure the future of The Fair for generations to come. It will help us put on a Fair in 2021 — scheduled for Sept. 10-19.

Ways To Give

The Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. The non-profit tax ID number is 75-3129856.
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