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Interesting Fair Facts

Q: How much used animal bedding was removed from the barns on the Fairgrounds during the 10 days of the Fair?

A: 155 Tons

Q: How many toilets are on the Fairgrounds?

A: 850

Q: Can you eat alligator at the Fair?

A: Yes – on a stick

Q: How many rolls of toilet paper were used during the 2011 Fair?

A: 2,034 small rolls and 582 jumbo rolls

Q: How many different places can you eat during the Fair?

A: There are 80 places to eat during the Fair.

Q: What is the most expensive grandstand entertainer in the history of the Kansas State Fair and what did they cost?

A: Daughtry, at a cost of $185,000.00, is the most expensive grandstand entertainer in Fair history. Daughtry performed at the 2011 Kansas State Fair.

Q: How much did Garth Brooks cost in 1993 to play at the Kansas State Fair?

A: $65,000.00

Q: How many commercial booths (booths in the buildings and outside on the grounds) are at the Fair?

A: 1,100 booths

Q: Who is the on-grounds sign maker for the Fair?

A: Bardo the Clown is the Fair sign maker and lives year round on the Fairgrounds.

Q: How many different types of vehicles and equipment does the mechanic at the Fair keep running?

A: 45 (5 tractors, 1 Telehandler, 14 trucks, 2 vans, 1 car, 2 bobcats, 1 backhoe, 2 rider lawn mowers, 7 push mowers and 8 weed eaters, 1 gator, 1 golf cart)

Q: What did the largest pumpkin in Kansas State Fair history weight?

A: 976.2 lbs in 2007

Q: What did the largest watermelon in Kansas State Fair history weight?

A: 184 lbs in 2002

Q: In 2011 how many competitive entries were entered?

A: 26,537

Q: In 2011 how much money was offered by the Kansas State Fair as premium winnings to competitive exhibitors?

A: Approximately $300,000

Q: What covers 280 acres?

A: The Kansas State Fairgrounds

Q: What year was the first Double Ferris Wheel built?

A: In 1952 (It took 3 years to build and cost $135,000.00)

Q: When was the Old Mill opened?

A: September 18, 1915

Q: What did the 2002 Sky Ride cost to build?

A: $800,000.00 and took 5 months to build

Q: Was a sandpit located on the fairgrounds? If so, where?

A: Yes. Lake Talbott was developed in 1944 from a neglected sandpit.

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