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Kansas State Fair
Steam Ahead

2nd Grade English Language Arts

Objective: Students to gain practice in researching and presenting. KCCRS for English Language Arts W.2.7: Participate in shared research and writing projects and SL.2.4: Tell a story or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking audibly in coherent sentences.

Materials: Paper and pencil

Student Challenge: Research one of the animals on display in the Birthing Center.

During your Kansas State Fair field trip, visit the Birthing Center (see fairgrounds map for building location). After viewing all the different animals on display have students choose one to research. Students should listen to the birthing center veterinarians in the building during their animal talks. Students can also read the information and signage in the building to gain information and ask questions of the birthing center veterinarians. Students should write down what they learn. The next day in class have students clean up their research notes and present their findings to the class.

Some possible information students should be able to find answers to: what is an adult and baby called of this species; how many babies does this animal have each year; what products does this animal supply us with; what is unique about this animal; what does the animal look like.

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