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Kansas State Fair
Steam Ahead

2nd Grade Technology

Objective: Students to identify ways that technology has been used to enhance productivity in Agriculture then come up with a new creative use for technology in Agriculture. KCCRS for Technology 12.1 Technology productivity tools: Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.

Student Challenge:
As a class, identify 3 different ways that technology has enhanced productivity in agriculture that you can see at the State Fair and come up with a technology that might help farmers be more productive in the future.

Lesson: During your Kansas State Fair field trip, be on the lookout for ways that technology has helped agriculture productivity. Examples might be milking machines at the Milking Parlor versus milking cows by hand, accurate weather forecasting from the Channel 12 booth, solar powered products or the new equipment in the farm machinery exhibit area that help with precision farming such as yield monitors, load sensors or GPS-guided equipment. As a class talk about the enhancements made and how they would increase productivity. Once back in the classroom have students split up into small groups to create a new technology that could help farming in the future. Encourage students to be as creative as they wish. Student can present to the class their ideas for a new technology in agriculture.

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