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Kansas State Fair
Steam Ahead

2nd Grade Science

Objective: Students to gain understanding of what plants need to grow. State Standards for Science 2.LS.2.1: Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow.

Materials: None

Student Challenge:
Conduct an investigation to learn how much, if any, sunlight and water is needed for plants to grow.

During your Kansas State Fair field trip, visit the Seed Survivor exhibit by the Lottery Building (see fairgrounds map for building location). Students will learn about different plant seeds and what they need to grow. Students will be able to choose a seed to plant in a take home cup. After visiting Seed Survivor students should be able to answer the question: What are the key elements to growing a healthy plant? (Sun + Water + Soil + Nutrients)

Back in the classroom, separate your seed cups into groups and record how much water and sunlight each group gets. Use digital photos to help keep track of each group’s plant growth. Have students work together to present their findings to another grade or to the principal of your school. After the experiment is over students can take their plants home.

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