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Cottonwood Court is centrally located on the fairgrounds and is in close proximity to Domestic Arts. Cottonwood Court was built in 1928 and was renovated in 2003. This building offers ADA accessible restrooms, an elevator to the second story balcony, concrete floors, an office space and a historic look outside. Vehicle parking is plentiful and is located to the north and east of the building. A second floor meeting room is available and can be used as a dressing room. The Cottonwood Court offers flexibility with a large, open floor plan.

(11,200 sq ft main floor/9,600 sq ft balcony) Seating for 800 people (oval tables and black plastic chairs) is included in rental cost. Depending on room layout maximum seating capacity is around 1300-1350. Round tables are used in this facility but rectangle banquet tables are available for food and beverage if needed.


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