Pompus Jack

Pompous Jack

Date: Sept 09, 2022

Pompous Jack, a high energy three piece group from Merriam, Kansas consists of, Dan Leap (guitar/backing vocals), John Canterbury (bass/vocals), and Amy Carey (drums/vocals). Their style roots from the 1980s LA Rock Scene, which they incorporate elements of blues, pop rock & southern rock along with their own signature infectious and amped up style. Pompous Jack embodies the sound of the 80s playing hits from AC/DC, Poison, KISS, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, and many others! They also put their own style and groove onto songs by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, and Dr. Hook.

Pompous Jack takes great pride in creating a thunderous rock show as a 3 piece that uses no pre-recorded tracks! What you see is what you get! Nothing more, and nothing less! If you are looking for a contagious sound with a high octane show which includes, impeccable sound, bright lights, smoke, explosions, and a rotating drum riser, this is your band! Pompous Jack will deliver the songs that your ears crave, your heart thumps too, and your feet dance too. With each of these combined elements and talents, Pompous Jack will deliver an unforgettable, dynamic live performance that keeps the crowd partying all night long.

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