Hyway 14

Hyway 14

Date: Sept 12 - Sept 16, 2022

Hyway 14 got together in March 2021 in south-central Kansas.

Some high school kids from Reno County, with a passion for music and the rock classics, started by covering artists from ‘90s rock and red-dirt country.

They traveled weekly on local Highway 14 to practice, and pretty soon it sounded like a good band name.

The music quickly drew them into writing their own songs. They combine their wide variety of favorite genres together to create a one-of-a-kind sound in their original music.

In 2021, they had a blast playing local events and even got the chance to get in the studio to record their first four originals.

In March 2022, they released their debut EP, Here I Go.

Now they’re making music.

Playing whenever they can.

And enjoying the ride.

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