Abundance Quartet
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Abundance Quartet

Date: Sept 19, 2021

Abundance Quartet is a Regional Group based out of Branson, MO. They were formed in late July of 2013.The current members are David Hartwell, Alan Pohlmeier, Ken Turner and Jamie Layton. These four men have come together with the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. Along with their talents, Abundance Quartet is full of fun and laughter!

David Hartwell (Tenor) - David states, “The most important decision I have made was accepting Jesus as my personal Savior. That is why I sing about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and what He has done for us.”

Alan Pohlmeier (Lead) - “Alan states, “Gospel music has been the centerpiece in my life and the anchor of my faith in Christ.” He also says. “I firmly believe the touch of the Savior can be delivered through music!”

Ken Turner (Baritone) – Ken states, “God has truly blessed me through all the different ministries He has placed me in. There is no doubt that He has led me into this ministry with Abundance Quartet.”

Jamie Layton (Bass) - He states, “I finally felt led to start a group and God has been putting everything together. It is amazing how He brings people together, and your paths seem to be connected.”

Abundance is a little different than most of the Quartets traveling today. Our Ministry is truly a Music Ministry. We sing all of the Old Songs and generally sing 16-18 songs in a typical 60-70 minute concert, and we always present an invitation for people to respond at the end of the evening. We look forward to seeing you at the next singin’………………..

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