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Cotton Production- South Kansas Cotton Growers

Date: Sept 13, 2019
Just a few years ago, there were a couple of things you would hardly ever see in Kansas: Armadillos and cotton fields. At least part of the reason for both is the same: global warming. Winters in Kansas are shorter, not as cold, and have less snow. So, the climate in southern Kansas is much more welcoming to both armadillos and cotton. While in 2000, the armadillo roadkill was only 1 per 1000 miles driven it rose to 25 per thousand by 2015. After that there were so many, they just quit counting. Similarly, Cotton fields, as recently as 2015 grew on just 16,000 acres in Kansas. But last year, Kansas farmers planted 10 times that.

If this surprises or interests you, then you would probably enjoy listening to a representative from Southern Kansas Cotton Growers (SKCG) talk about current cotton production in Kansas.

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