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Kansas State Fair
Steam Ahead

2nd Grade Science & Technology

Objective: Students to gain understanding of structure and properties of matter. State Standards for Science 2.PS.1.1: Plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties.

Materials: Paper, pencil and smart phone or iPad

Student Challenge:
Conduct an investigation to describe and classify the different crop seeds found in Agriland.


During your Kansas State Fair field trip, visit Agriland in the Pride of Kansas building (see fairgrounds map for building location). Students can observe, touch, feel, smell and weigh the different grains available in Agriland. Students should take notice of the observable properties of each grain type (color, texture, hardness, flexibility, etc.) The adult with the group can use a smart phone or iPad to take a photo of each sample.

Back in the classroom use the digital pictures to help students recall the observable properties of each grain. Have students make a chart to help identify the similar and unique properties of each.
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