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2017 Kansas State Fair ∼ Kansas’ Largest Classroom
Scholastic Press Corps Newsletter Competition
Participation Dates: September 11-15, 2017

– The school will produce a 4-page 8.5 x 11 inch newsletter focusing on one day at the Kansas State Fair.
– The school can use whatever software they prefer as long as the finished product is 8.5 x 11 inches with .5 inch external margins, 4 pages, and submitted in .pdf form.
– Students may create a template for the newsletter before coming to the fair, but all interviews, stories and photos must be produced and edited that day. A KSF staff member will ask to view the template prior to the competition.
– The nameplate/flag may be created by the students prior to the fair as part of the template but should reflect the Kansas State Fair and not the school.
– The newsletter must use the Kansas State Fair logo and the 2017 thematic logo, Get Your Fair On, somewhere on the front page. It can be incorporated in the nameplate but doesn’t have to be. The logos will be provided with further information in mid-August.

As in past years, the newsletters must have a minimum of four stories which are explained below:
Story One: On the day the school competes, each school will pull the topic of their lead story from a hat. The story must be 350-400 words and should appear on the front page along with an associated photo(s)/infographic, etc. The story may jump to an inside page, but the majority of the story should appear on the front page and lead the reader into the newsletter.
Story Two (changes from last year): This will be an agriculture–related story, but the topic will ALSO be picked from a hat on the day the school competes at the fair. This story must be 300-350 words long (a change from past years) and can appear on pages 2, 3, or 4.
Stories Three and Four: The school may choose the topics for each of these two stories, but they must focus on that day at the Kansas State Fair. These should not be a collection of story bytes, fast facts, infographics, etc. but actual stories composed of facts and interviews gathered from KSF participants or patrons during the school’s day of competition at
the fair. EACH story must be at least 200-300 words long.

– The school may choose to also include a photo essay, an infographic, an interactive quiz, etc., but these should complement the four stories rather than dominate the newsletter.
– Remember that all interviews, writing and editing must be the work of the students and must take place the day of competition.
– The school will need to bring digital cameras and laptop computers.
– The Scholastic Press Rooms will have tables, power cords, etc. and should be used for staff meetings and for editing and producing the newsletter.
– While the school will have until 6 p.m. that day to submit the finished product as a .pdf, it can be submitted any time prior to that.
– Each school is limited to 5 student participants.
– A teacher must be available in the Scholastic Press Rooms throughout the day and is allowed to provide advice and suggestions to the students but is not allowed to actually complete any of the work for the students, edit the stories, feed them questons to ask in interviews, etc. The SPC staff, who have no impact on the judging, will also be working with your students during the fair.
– At the conclusion of the 2017 Kansas State Fair, each newsletter will be sent to two judges (a change from past years) selected by KSF personnel. The two scores will be added together and the schools with the highest compiled scores will be named the winners.

Overall Awards:
• A large rosette ribbon and $100 is awarded to the Grand Champion newsletter.
• A large rosette ribbon and $50 is awarded to the Reserve Grand Champion newsletter.
• A Kansas State Fair Ribbon and $25 is awarded to the Third Place newsletter.
• A Kansas State Fair Ribbon is awarded to the Fourth Place newsletter.

Individual Awards:
• Ribbons will also be given for the best lead story, the best agriculture story, the best photo, and the best use of graphics. These winners will be chosen by a committee of Kansas State Fair personnel. The SPC staff who work with schools during the fair have no impact on the judging.

– At the time of this mailing, a sponsor has not been secured for the Extra Challenges. If a sponsor signs on by August 1, the registered schools will receive details when the information packets are sent in mid-August.
– The cost to participate in this competition is $3 per student. For every four paid student gate tickets, one adult sponsor can get in free. Remember each school can bring a team of no more than 5 students to participate.
– Registered schools will receive further information regarding tickets, story assignments, etc. in mid-August.
– On-line registration will open at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. A link to the registration site will be emailed to you by Monday, April 17, but the registration site will not be activated until 8 a.m. April 18. If you think your school’s system may block this email, thinking it is spam, please send Janet Hallford an alternate email by April 10.
Contact Information: Janet Hallford
Kansas State Fair ∼ Kansas’ Largest Classroom
Email with any questions.
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