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Dance Showcase

Spirit Showcase
Kansas State Fair
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 3:30 pm
Bretz and Young Injury Lawyers Arena

This is a great opportunity for your team to demonstrate their talent as well as showcase their hard work and team effort. This performance early in the season gives your cheer/dance team a wonderful chance to benefit from the judge's ratings and comments before any state or regional competitions.

This event is open to any Middle School or High School cheer and dance team. All teams will receive ratings per KSHSAA rules. Ribbons will be given to all students that participate. Rosettes will be awarded to teams according to the average judge score. Banners will be awarded to teams receiving specialty awards.

Safety is our number one concern. ALL NFHS and KSHSAA RULES WILL APPLY AND BE FOLLOWED. This event is KSHSAA approved. Club teams may perform but the KSHSAA rules and guidelines will still apply. Club team divisions will be scheduled separate from the KSHSAA Members School Squads. Mats will be provided in the performance area. This is an outdoor venue. Bleacher seating is available for spectators. If inclement weather does not allow for stunts for safety reasons, teams may adjust their routines to a dance/chant routine only.

There will be three divisions for KSHSAA member cheer: Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity
There will be three divisions for KSHSAA member dance: Middle School, Junior Varsity and Varsity
There will be two divisions for Club teams cheer: Middle School, High School
There will be two divisions for Club teams dance: Middle School, High School

Team Performance – Team with 20 or fewer participants in their routine.
Small Dance or Stunt Group Performance – Group of 2-6 participants in their routine. (Limit of two small group performances from each division team.)

Routine Guidelines
Cheer team performances must be a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of three minutes. The routine must include a cheer section that is a minimum of 20 seconds. The rest of the routine may be performed to music and may consist of cheer, dance, stunting, jumping and tumbling. All music must follow music copyright laws. The cheer portion of the routine can be at the beginning, middle or end of the routine.

Dance team performances must be a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of three minutes. Routine should be performed to music and may consist of dance, jumping and tumbling. All music must follow music copyright laws.

Small dance or stunt group performance may not exceed two minutes. No spirit props allowed.

** For all routines, all participants MUST be positioned on the performance floor and must be supporting their own weight. Timing will begin with the first unison movement/voices or the first sound of the music.

All team ratings based on the following information:
Average score from the judges of 100-85 = Superior
Average score from the judges of 84-70 = Excellent
Average score from the judges of 69-55 = Outstanding
Average score from the judges of 54 or below = Good

Specialty Awards
Specialty team awards may be given to any squad who demonstrates superiority in one or more of the following areas. The specialty awards will be chosen by the judges based off the squad’s average score and the overall opinions of the judges on performed routines. The judges may decide to give the awards in the following categories, but are not required to give an award for each category if they choose not to. Each specialty award may be awarded once to a Team Performance and again to a Small Group Performance.
Supreme Cheer Motions
Supreme Dance Choreography
Supreme Cheer Stunts
Supreme Dance Technique
Supreme Cheer Spirit
Supreme Dance Precision

Registration deadline is September 5, 2017. The cost is $3.00 per person coming with your team for the performance (students, coach, and administrator). This fee will give each person admission to the Fair for the day of the showcase. Your team may enjoy all that the Fair has to offer before or following your showcase time. You may also get your hand stamped when leaving the Fairgrounds, which will allow you re-admittance later that same day. Medical Release/Liability Forms must be submitted with registration. If you have questions, please contact Anthea Bryant at Anthea.Bryant@ks.gov or (620) 669-3607.

Kansas State Fair Spirit Showcase Guidelines

1. The Kansas State Fair Spirit Showcase is for KSHSAA Member and club teams but all routines WILL adhere to the guidelines set forth by the KSHSAA and 2017-18 National Federation of High Schools Spirit Rules and Guidelines. There may be collegiate level teams performing as exhibition at the beginning of the competition strictly for the purpose of recruiting. Any non-legal skill performed by a collegiate level team should NOT be attempted during this showcase by any middle or high school member or non-member team. To receive your copy of the 2017-18 NFHS Spirit Rules Book, please contact Darlene at the KSHSAA Office at (785) 273-5329.

2. Safety violations such as glitter that falls off; jewelry of any kind including tongue rings, Daith piercings and other body piercings; hair ties on wrists; long fingernails; fake eyelashes; hair worn in a manner that is not safe for participants; improper hair devices; gum/candy; illegal stunts, pyramids and tumbling, etc. will NOT be tolerated.

3. All decisions of the judges relating to the legality of the stunts/release moves/pyramids/any other aspect of the routine are final. Deductions/penalties are assessed at the sole discretion of the judges. All judges' decisions are final.

4. You may include your school mascot in your performance. The mascot cannot participate in any stunt or tumbling and must remain clear of any tumbling, stunting or jumps. The mascot will count towards the total number of participants on the team for category designation.

5. Performance will take place at Bretz & Young Injury Lawyers Arena. The performance area is 22’X62’ with mats. The area outside of the mats can be used for placing signs, poms, or spirit props that will be used during the routine. Any participant that leaves the mats during a routine will receive deductions from their final score. A designated line judge will be in place to determine all line faults. All teams will enter the performance area from the West and exit the performance area to the East. Teams may quietly stretch and warm up dance moves in the area just West of the Bretz & Young Injury Lawyers Arena. NO stunts may be done other than in performance area.

6. All teams must have a coach or school administrator present during warm up and performance. This person must be identified on the registration form.

7. All teams will model good sportsmanship and respectful behavior to other teams, coaches, spectators, arena staff, judges, etc.

8. Every participant must have the required release form turned in prior to performing. Forms should be submitted during time of registration, prior to September 5, 2017. Without the required signed forms, the athlete will not be allowed to perform. Release waiver can be emailed or mailed to Education Department, 2000 N Poplar, Hutchinson KS 67502. It is helpful the waivers for the whole team are sent together.

9. If a technical failure occurs on the production end, your team will be allowed to repeat their performance one time.

10. The routine will be stopped if an injury occurs during the performance. Kansas State Fair has a First Aid station in close proximity to the performance area. The squad will be given 20 minutes to rework the routine, if needed, prior to performing in front of the judges again.

11. All music, uniforms and language of the teams must be appropriate and must fit the guidelines set by the NFHS and KSHSAA. Music used must comply with all current music copyright laws and is the responsibility of the coach.

12. On the day of the showcase bring your performance music on a CD labeled with your school/team name/division. ONE coach will be allowed to take the CD to the music table during your warm up. Bring a backup of performance music on your cell phone or on another device.

2018 Judges:

Dance Showcase Registration Form - Registration due by September 7.

2017 Spirit Showcase Results

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