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Breeding Heifers*

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Supreme Champion - $1,000

Evans Family; Lebo, KS

Reserve Supreme Champion - $500

Evans Family; Lebo, KS

3rd Overall Supreme - $250

Silverline Genetics, Newton, KS

4th Overall Supreme - $250

Aust Farms; Lacygne, KS

5th Overall Supreme - $250

Diamond M Cattle Company; Hiawatha, KS

Each breed Champion and Reserve Champion in breed divisions will receive a custom award.


Beef Showmanship - Friday, September 8, 5:30 pm

Market Show - Saturday, September 9, 9:00 am

Breeding Show - Sunday, September 10, 8:00 am

Show Manager

Kevin Gleason, FFA Representative, (620) 224-9200

Katelyn Brockus, 4-H Representative (785) 229-2681



Entries are subject to the Kansas State Fair General Information and Rules

Beef entries must check in from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, Friday, September 8. Animals must be on ground by noon. Beef will be released Sunday, Sept 10 at 3:00 pm. Animals must be vacated by Sunday, Sept 10 by 5:00 pm. If pens are not vacated, KSF has the right to move animals to another location.

  1. All heifers must be registered in the exhibitor's name no later than June 15 of the current year. Registration will be determined according to each breed association's guidelines. Date of ownership is not necessarily the same as date of registration. All heifers must be identified with a permanent tattoo corresponding with registration papers. Original registration papers or a copy faxed directly to KSF from the breed association must accompany all breeding heifers at check-in on Friday.
  2. NEW - To speed up check in, we ask that all registration papers be mailed, email or faxed to the Kansas State Fair competitions office by August 1 for review. Mailing address: 2000 N Poplar; Hutchinson, KS 67502. Email to ksf.competitons@ks.gov or fax to 620.669.3640.
  3. All registered purebred and registered composites will show under the breed rules and standard for registration and permanent identification set forth by their respective national breed associations. Registered heifers for which a separate breed division is not established will be shown in the registered other breed heifer classes.
  4. All commercial heifers must be nominated, must be tagged with official 4-H/FFA beef EID ear tag by June 15. This applies to heifers that are not eligible for registration in a breed association. This nomination fee does not constitute entry into this show.
  5. A legible tattoo is to be in the heifer’s ear by June 15 for registered heifers. Heifers that check in without a tattoo, a newly done tattoo or illegible tattoo will not be allowed to show.
  6. The steer and heifer show will be a no fit show, "Blow and Show". "No Fit," at the Kansas State Fair is defined as using no adhesive, glue, paint or powder products.
  7. Breeding exhibitors may enter and pay entry fees for as many animals as they wish to enter and not name those they want to show until check-in, on day of show. Exhibitors may only show a total of three breeding heifers. There will be no refunds given of any of the entry fees.
  8. NO floor standing fans or Port-A-Cools will be permitted in the barns. Fans must be hung on either a fan cage (rear of animal) or on a fan bar (on side of animal). Fans on wheeled carts are not allowed in the alley way. Exhibitor must provide frames. Electrical service is limited.
  9. Fans in each aisle must blow the same direction. Each aisle will blow opposite directions; direction will be designated by show officials.
  10. Tie-out bedding must be provided by the exhibitor.
  11. No substitutions of animals will be allowed.

Breeding Heifer classification is as follows: Registration papers must be presented at the show. Gelbvieh & Balancer, Maine-Anjou. Heifers entering AOB class must be registered (not commercial). AOB is only for breeds not otherwise represented.

Chianina Heifer class: Heifers must meet registration requirements as defined by the American Chianina Association, be registered with ACA and have a legible tattoo corresponding to the registration papers. This class will include composite breeds: Chiangus, Chiford, Chimaine & CAX papers.

Simmental & % Simmental Heifer class: Heifers must meet registration requirements as defined by the American Simmental Association. Simmental must be registered 7/8 Simmental. Percentage Simmental must be registered at a minimum ½ Simmental, but not exceeding 7/8 Simmental.

Shorthorn: Present registration paper with minimum 93% Shorthorn blood stated on the American Shorthorn Association certificate.

Shorthorn Plus: Present registration paper with 50-92% Shorthorn blood stated on the American Shorthorn Association certificate.

Percentage Charolais class: Heifers must meet registration requirements as defined by the American International Charolais Association; must be registered 50% Charolais.

The American Angus Association, St. Joseph, Missouri, will participate in the Kansas State Fair junior heifer show based on the number of head shown. To be eligible for Association premiums, heifer entries must be recorded in the sole name of the Junior exhibitor and the issue date on the registration certificate must conform to the individual show's requirements regarding ownership. Premiums from the Association are paid by registration number. The Association does not pay a percentage on premiums offered in championship classes. Exhibitors must have the original registration certificate on each animal available for inspection at the show. Any animal upon check-in that does not have a legible tattoo corresponding to its registration certificate is ineligible to show. Once disqualified due to an incorrect or illegible tattoo, animals cannot be re-tattooed and rechecked at the show. Only one person at a time shall lead animals into the show ring. Any product administered internally or used externally to alter the conformation and/or appearance of an animal for exhibition is prohibited. This includes the covering of white skin, false tail heads (or use of any false hair), use of graphite, powders, hemp or other similar substances externally, and steroids, growth stimulants, or artificial filling internally. Any animal found to be in violation will be barred from showing. The exhibition of cattle displaying false hair will not be allowed, with the exception of false tail switches. For an exhibitor to be eligible at shows for premium moneys contributed by the American Angus Association, each exhibitor is subject to Part 3, Section IX of the Association's rules entitled "Eligibility, Conformation and Structure of Animals Presented for Exhibition". Included in this is rule 11: "Effective July 1, 2004, no exhibitors, individuals assisting exhibitors or member owners at any show for which the American Angus Association appropriates funds toward the payment of premiums shall be allowed to use products contained in or dispensed from aerosol cans on any animals exhibited as such shows."

DNA for Parentage Verification: Under the American Angus Association Rules, each animal for which entry application (registration) is received, may be subject to a DNA marker type or blood test to verify ACCURACY OF PARENTAGE as covered under Association Rules Part 3, Section II, Rule 2(F). Staff of the American Angus Association must supervise the collection of DNA samples. Animals are often sampled at shows, fairs or events where the American Angus Association contributes premiums or where Association personnel participate. If a recorded parent is excluded (as a parent) as a result of DNA, the owner may request, at his own expense, the Association to determine the actual parent. Failure to determine the sire and dam disqualifies the animal's eligibility in the Angus Herd Book, and registration certificate becomes null and void.

Kansas Junior Angus Association will award $300 cash to the exhibitor of the Champion Angus Heifer and $200 cash to the Reserve Champion Angus Heifer.




Reserve Champion


McCurry Angus Ranch; Burrton, KS

Jones Family Angus; Wamego, KS


Schrader Ranch; Wells, KS

Wal-Mar Engraving; Canton, KS

% Charolais

Bill & Kerry Toews; Burrton, KS 5-L Livestock, Walton, KS


Pearson Show Cattle; Barnard, KS

Bronc Barrows & Barrows Farms; Wakeeny, KS


Brandon & Suzanne Numich; Manhattan, KS

Neosho Valley Feeders; LeRoy, KS


Kansas Hereford Assoc; Herington, KS

Kansas Hereford Assoc; Herington, KS


KS Limousin Breeders Assoc; Parker, KS

KS Limousin Breeders Assoc; Parker, KS


KS Limousin Breeders Assoc; Parker, KS

KS Limousin Breeders Assoc; Parker, KS


Eberth Show Cattle; Basehor, KS

Eberth Show Cattle; Basehor, KS


Brockus Show Cattle; Princeton, KS

Shelter Insurance Chad Osborn Agency, Kingman, KS

Red Angus

Faulkender Cattle Co; Oakley, KS

Faulkender Cattle Co; Oakley, KS


Beam & Austin Family; Cuba, KS

DTR Cattle Co; Raymond, KS

Shorthorn Plus

Braden Draper Shorthorns; Ford, KS & Ryan & Micky McCune; Benton, KS

Braden Draper Shorthorns; Ford, KS & Ryan & Micky McCune; Benton, KS


Parsons Livestock; Leavenworth, KS

Sylvester Family; Wamego, KS


Eagle Pass Ranch; Agenda, KS

4 T Ranch; Stillwater, OK


Parsons Livestock; Leavenworth, KS

Dickinson Ranch; Gorham, KS


Mosiman Farms, Newton, KS

Cummings Carousel; Dodge City, KS

Bred & Owned

Nikkel Bros. Show Stock; McPherson, KS

Mid America Ag Network; Wichita, KS

Overall Sponsors

Mid Continent Farms; Washington, KS

Nigro's Western Wear; Kansas City, KS & JF Beaver Advertising; Scott City, KS


All breeds – the Kansas State Fair show management may combine or alter classes as entries deem necessary.







Class Champions






Supreme Heifer


Reserve Supreme Heifer


3rd, 4th, 5th Overall Heifers



Division 1000 - Commercial Heifers

Division 1001 - Registered Heifers


Junior heifer calves born between March 1 of current year and after.


Junior heifer calves born between Feb. 1 and Feb 29 of current year.


Junior heifer calves born between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31 of current year.


Late Senior heifer calves born between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 of previous year.


Early Senior heifer calves born between Sept. 1 and Oct. 31 of previous year.


Late Summer yearling heifer calves born between July 1 and August 31 of previous year.


Early Summer yearling heifer calves born between May 1 and June 30 of previous year.


April Junior yearling heifer calves born between April 1 and April 30 of previous year.


March Junior yearling heifer calves born between March 1 and March 31 of previous year.


Early Junior yearling heifer calves born between Feb 1 and Feb 29 of previous year.


Early Junior yearling heifer calves born between Jan 1 and Jan 31 of previous year.


Senior yearling heifer calves born between Sept 1 and Dec. 31, 2015

Champion & Reserve Heifer

Registered Breeds


Red Angus


Percentage Charolais





Maine – Anjou



Shorthorn Plus


Percentage Simmental

Gelbvieh / Balancer

Registered AOB


Bred & Owned Heifer

Breed champion and reserve champions will be selected in the breeding heifer shows in only the registered classes. (Commercial animals are not eligible). The top placing bred and owned animals in their respective classes will be eligible to show for champion bred and owned. The second place bred and owned animal from the same class of the selected champion will move into consideration for reserve champion bred and owned. Banners sponsored by The Grand Drive will be presented to the winners. Bred and owned is defined as the exhibitor being the breeder, first and continuous owner of the animal.

Supreme Champion Bred & Owned Heifer

Reserve Supreme Champion Bred & Owned Heifer 250.00
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